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Dear Brother/Sister in the Lord,

                                                            First off I want to thank you for all of your prayers and support of the ministry work of “The New Real Talk Radio!” Over the past four years God has used this show to reach many who may not have been reached were it not for the sacrificial work being done here at the Urban Truth Network. Without the prayers and support of saints such as yourself it would be very hard to continue on.

I am doing something here that I’ve never done in the 8 years that I’ve been podcasting the word of God on the internet. I am in need of your financial support. I have always gladly shouldered the financial burden of the show and the network and will continue to do so. However as the technology advances we find ourselves being left behind a bit as to the quality of the show. I will ask of you a onetime favor for this ministry to help us stay on the cutting edge of Christian Talk on the internet, and continue to reach the lost with the true gospel of the true Jesus Christ.

A good talk show needs a good microphone. The quality of the sound greatly affects the quality of the show. It is the core instrument around which the whole show revolves. There is a microphone currently on the market that will deliver the quality sound that will carry us for many years to come. This mic is the Shure 7MB (photo below) 



Also to assist us with our monthly broadcast expense we are endeavoring to raise $999-$2499 to cover 1 year of broadcasting on blogtalk radio. Any amount that god puts on your heart would be very much appreciated! Please click on the link http://www.gofundme.com/urbantruthvision and chip in what you can toward this work of God!



Thank you for your prayers and support!


Jim Green AKA Juggernaut,

CEO & Founder of Urban Truth Network,

Host of The New Real Talk Radio

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