5 thoughts on “Religion

  1. The one thing I have to say is that not all Jews are bad. It’s the Zionist ones. Those are the ones that hate all people…even Christians. They don’t Tolorate Chrstianity in Jeruselum just as well as you may think. Prior to England aquiring the land there was a tribe of people there, maybe not a country, but the people were there. They were pushed aside to make room for guilt over the holocost.

    Christian Hater by Jews in Israel:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rf5zY3j_bnM&feature=related – really need to see this one. I cried for this young man.

      • Did you know that according the the FBI the threat of terrorism from Jews and Mexicans is greater than that of Muslims? With that said, I’m mexican and I feel ashamed with all the crap that they do. As far as Jews, I don’t hate them, my grandmother was Jewish (Nellie Fischer). I condem those 19 people and they are not even Muslims in my eyes. I hope this helps to answer your question.

      • Nice try! There is nothing you can say that can justify the fact that on September 11th 2001, 19 Muslim extremists who we’re acting on orders from Osama Bin Laden who believed he was acting in obedience to Allah killed almost 3000 people! All Muslims are not bad but all of the 911 hijackers we’re Muslims!

  2. I denounce they were. Many Muslims don’t consider them True Muslims. I understand that they did it in the name of Islam. In Mexico they have killed many more than 3000 in one year. I should know I’m Mexican. When my mother lived there, two men were killed in the neighboring restaurant. We live in terrorized by gangs in so many areas. Many children in certain neighborhoods can’t even go to school without fear. I don’t agree with those men and what they did and I hope that God judges them harshly because they took His religion and slandered Him and the good that he is trying to teach us. Jesus Christ (pbuh) had some of the best teachings for our life in heaven. We have to take those and make them something to focus on so that we do good in this life. When you say that “all Muslims are not bad, but all of the 911 hijackers were Muslims” you have to ask Muslims what they think. All 3000 people who died were innocent people, but some were Muslims that were killed there as a part of it too. I prefer to live in peace with others, but open my eyes to see those that generate hatred towards others because while I don’t like what you may say about Islam, I don’t disagree with what was done. I may not like some Zionist because they are extremist in Judaism, doesn’t mean I hate Jews because I have lived around so many myself. I don’t hate Christians at all, but not all are nice either.

    Maybe working together between the three faiths we can promote a better life rather than propagate hate.

    I have really enjoyed our

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