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Assignment Date 3/6/2013


“Tares Among the Wheat” will likely challenge what most scholars believe about Bible history, and the origins of the current wave of new translations that have flooded churches around the world.

In the 19th century, a revolution in biblical scholarship was prompted by the publication of a never-before-seen manuscript called Codex Sinaiticus.  The work was allegedly “discovered” by a German scholar named Constantine von Tischendorf, who declared this to be the oldest Bible ever found.  Tischendorf said he found the work in a rubbish basket at a Greek Orthodox monastery in Egypt.  While many in the academic world did not fully believe his story, they were willing to accept his claims about the antiquity of the codex.  But shortly after his discovery was published, a renowned Greek paleographer named Constantine Simonides came forward and declared that the manuscript was no ancient text at all, but had been created by him in 1840.  The controversy surrounding these events is, perhaps, the most incredible untold chapter in Bible history.  It involves Jesuits, the Pope, a high-minded German, a committee of Anglo Romanists, and a mysterious Greek patriot.  It is a story that (while quite true and well documented) a vast majority of modern academics know nothing about.  Yet the subject matter dramatically impacts the world of biblical scholarship, even to this present hour. Most of what today’s scholars believe about MS. evidence is based on the events of this era, and the footnotes in your Bible are the proof of it.

To learn about the history of the Bible, during the last 2,ooo years, watch the video entitled “Lamp in the Dark – The Untold History of the Bible on Youtube.

The King James, and the New King James, version was translated with the Textus Receptus. The modern translations have been translated with Codex Sinaiticus, such as the NIV, NLT, NASB, RSV, ESV, and others. However, Codex Sinaiticus, which was “discovered in 1844“, has been reported to contain thousands of variants in the text, and even is missing certain passages, such as Mark 16:9-20,  John 7:53 through John 8:11,  and 1John 5:7. These significant differences in Codex Sinaiticus has caused many, who have accepted it as the oldest text, to no longer believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, which then causes them to contradict the following passages: Psalm 12:6-7, John 17:17, Romans 3:4, 2Samuel 22:31, Isaiah 40:8. At about the same time, Rome declared the “pope to be infallible“; thus putting the pope above Scripture. To learn more about the details concerning contextual criticism of the Textus Receptus (the text which is based upon the churches traditional manuscripts that have been accepted throughout the church age), and Codex Sinaiticus (the manuscript which was discovered in the 19th century, and was also claimed to be the oldest and most reliable biblical text), watch the video below entitled “Is the Textus Receptus Older than Westcott & Hort Text?”

The major claims, made by Westcott and Hort, is that Codex Sinaiticus is older, and more reliable, because the text is missing passages of Scripture that cannot be found in manuscripts written before the 4th century. However, this is not true. For examples of how various disputed passages of Scripture can, in fact, be found quoted in the writings of Church elders before the 4th century, see the list of disputed passages below.

Assignment date: 1/31/13

Homosexuals and Pedophilia

Frightening Gay Statistics
Although most homosexual activists publicly deny that they want access to boys, many homosexual groups around the world are working aggressively to lower the age of sexual consent. Their cause is being aided by the professional psychiatric and psychological associations, which have moved n recent years toward normalizing pedophilia, much as they did with homosexuality in the early 1970s.

Kevin Bishop, an admitted pederast (pedophile), is promoting the work of the North American /Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) in South Africa. Bishop, who was molested at the age of six, is also an admitted homosexual who is blunt about the relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia. “Scratch the average homosexual and you will find a pedophile,” said Bishop in an interview with the Electronic Mail & Guardian (June 30, 1997). (Angella Johnson, “The man who loves to love boys,” Electronic Mail & Guardian, June 30, 1997,

This pedophile/homosexual activist began studying pedophilia while a student at Rhodes University. He also discovered Karl Marx there, as well as other literature that helped form his worldview. His views are being echoed around the world by homosexual activists who are seeking what they call “sexual freedom” for children.

Bishop is on a crusade in South Africa to have “age of sexual consent laws” abolished, and he is looking for help from NAMBLA to accomplish his goal. He says children must be empowered “by teaching them about loving relationships at an early age, and giving them the opportunity to make an informed decision about having [sex].” He also approves of incest, noting, “Two women psychologists in America say the healthiest introduction to sex for a child should be with their [sic] parents, because it is less threatening and the emotional intimacy more comfortable.” (Angella Johnson, “The man who loves to love boys,” Electronic Mail & Guardian, June 30, 1997,

Bishop agrees with NAMBLA that the next social movement in Western politics will be an attack m “sexual ageism,” which prohibits sexual contact based on age differences. The movement already is well under way in Europe and Canada.

Homosexuals did not need scientific evidence, neither do pedophiles.

The public approval of homosexuality and the idea of homosexuals “marrying” would have been unheard of thirty years ago. But the homosexual campaign’s success did not depend on rightness or on scientific evidence – but in its image, and on the increasing permissiveness of society. Dr John Money of John HopKins University has urged pedophiles not to be discouraged by the lack of evidence backing up their cause. He says:

“When the gay rights activists became politically active, there wasn’t a sufficient body of scientific information for them to base their gay activism on. So, you don’t have to have a basic body of scientific information in order to decide to work actively for a particular ideology. As long as you’re prepared to be put in Jail. Isn’t that how social change has always taken place?”

This quote comes from the “scholarly” Dutch journal, Paidika — A Journal of pedophilia. ( ) If homosexuality has been posed as healthy, good and normal, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, so can pedophilia. Pro-pedophilic articles are making their way into academia.

SOURCE: Africa Christian Action
Book: The PinkAgenda: Sexual Revolution in South Africa and the Ruin of the Family
By Christine MC Cafferty with Peter Hammond


In the United States, homosexual activists are more circumspect about their efforts to gain access to children than they are in Canada or Europe. While NAMBLA has regularly marched in homosexual pride parades in New York, San Francisco and other major cities, homosexual activists publicly disassociate themselves from pedophiles as part of a public relations strategy.

Yet homosexual groups are actively recruiting gay youth” through such groups as The Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League, the HettrickMartin Institute, AIDS service providers and various agencies that assist runaways. A concerted effort to change age-of-consent laws has not yet emerged, but some ominous signs portend an eventual effort. When Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an attorney for the ACLU, she co-authored a report recommending that the age of consent for sexual acts be lowered to 12 years of age.” ).3 (3 “Sex Bias in the U.S. Code,” Report for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, April 1977, p. 102, quoted in “Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Feminist World View,” The Phyllis Schlafly Report, Vol. 26, No. 12, Section 1, p.3. The paragraph reads as follows: ‘”Eliminate the phrase “carnal knowledge of any female, not his wife, who has not attained the age of 16 years” and substitute a federal, sex-neutral definition of the offense…. A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person…. [and] the other person is, in fact, less than 12 years old..)

The public still has a revulsion against child sexual abuse. In fact, whenever there is an attempt to show a connection between pedophiles and homosexuality, the standard response from the activists is that as many as 97 percent of all pedophiles are heterosexuals and/or married men. Thus, they deflect attention away from their own proclivities to have sex with children.

There is some truth to the claim that many pedophiles are heterosexually oriented men. To be accurate, pedophilia is the crime of sexually molesting a child of the opposite sex. Pederasty, on the other hand, is the crime of molesting a child of the same sex. The term pedophile is used as a general term to describe a person who molests any child, and the term pedophilia, however, is commonly used to refer to child sexual abuse in general. The homosexual who molests a child of the same sex, therefore, technically is guilty of pederasty, rather than pedophilia – yet both are child sexual abuse.

Homosexuals deny that there is a high incidence of child molestation among them, but the statistics tell another story.

First, we need to look at the statistics on child sexual abuse in general. The National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse (NCPCA) has published the following information:

1. Reports of sexual abuse are on the increase in our nation.

2. Between 80 and 95 percent of all child molestation’s are committed by men. The NCPCA notes, however, that there is a “dramatic increase in the number of adolescent offenders who have committed sexually aggressive acts against other children.”

3. Girls are more likely to be the victims of molestation than boys. Males account for 25 to 35 percent of child sexual abuse victims.4 (4. “Child Sexual Abuse, “National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse, December 1996,

How prevalent is child molestation among homosexuals?

The Gay Report, published by homosexual researchers Jay and Young in 1979, revealed that 73 percent of homosexuals surveyed had at some time had sex with boys 16 to 19 years of age or younger.5 (5. K. Jay and A. Young, The Gay Report (New York: Summit Books, 1979), p. 275. )

Although homosexuals account for less than two percent of the population. they constitute about a third of child molesters.6 (6. K. Freund and R.I. Watson, “The Proportions of Heterosexual and Homosexual Pedophiles Among Sex Offenders Against Children: An Exploratory Study,” Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy 18 (Spring 1992): 3443, cited in “The Problem of Pedophilia,” op. cit. Also, K. Freund and R.I. Watson, “Pedophilia and Heterosexuality vs. Homosexuality,” Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy 10 (Fall 1984): 197, cited in NARTH Fact Sheet. ) Further, as noted by the Encino, Calif.-based National Association for research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), “since homosexual pedophiles victimize far more children than do heterosexual pedophiles, it is estimated that approximately 80 percent or pedophile victims are boys who have been molested by adultmales.7 (7. Thomas Schmidt, Straight and Narrow? Compassion and Clarity in the Homosexuality Debate (Downers Grove, IU.: Intervarsity Press), p. 114, cited in “The Problem of Pedophilia, op. cit., p. 2. )

A nationwide investigation of child molestation in the Boy Scouts from 1971 to 1991 revealed that more than 2,000 boys reported molestations by adult Scout leaders. (Note: The Scouts, who have 150,000 Scoutmasters and assistant Scoutmasters, ban hundreds of men each year from scouting out of concern that they might abuse boys.)8 (8. Patrick Boyle, Scout’s Honor (Rocklin, Calif.: Prima Publishing, 1994), p. 3l6. )

A study of Canadian pedophiles has shown that 30 percent of those studied admitted to having engaged In homosexual acts as adults, and 91 percent of the molesters of non-familial boys admitted to no lifetime sexual contact other than homosexual.9 (9. W. L. Marshall, et al., “Early onset and deviant sexuality in child molesters,” Journal of interpersonal Violence 6 (1991): 323-336, cited in “Pedophilia: The Part of Homosexuality They Don’t Want You to see,” Colorado for Family Values Report, Vol. 14, March 1994. )

Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D., and Charles B. Johnson, Ph.D., conducted a content study of the personal ads in the Advocate, the national gay and lesbian newsmagazine and discovered that “chickens,” a common term for underage boys sought for sex, were widely solicited. Many of the advertisements in the magazine solicited boys and teens from within a larger pool of prostitution ads.10 (10. Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D., “A Content Analysis of ‘The Advocate,”‘ unpublished manuscript p. 18, quoted in “Pedophilia: The Part of Homosexuality They Don’t WantYou to See,” ibid. ) The authors also note a statement from a book review by homosexual activist Larry Kramer that the work, “like much canonized male homosexual literature, involves sexually predatory white men on the prowl for dark-skinned boys to gratify them.11 (11. From “Lany Kramer’s Reading List,” The Advocate, January 24, 1995, p. 99, cited in “Status Report,” The Reisman & Johnson Report of Partner Solicitation Characteristics as a Reflection of More Sexual Orientation and the Threat to Children, First Principles Press, January l995.)
In a 1985 study of the rates of molestation among homosexual pederasts compared to heterosexu1 pedophiles, Dr. Paul Cameron found the following:

153 pederasts had sexually molested 22,981 boys over an average period of 22 years.

224 pedophiles had molested 4,435 girls over an average period of 18 years.

The average pederast molested an average of 150 boys, and each heterosexual pedophile molested an average of 20 girls, a ratio of 7.5 to one. 12 (12. Dr. Paul Cameron, “Homosexual Molestation of Children/Sexual Interaction of Teacher and Pupil,” Psychological Reports 57 (1985): 1227-1236.)

Gaining access to children has been a long-term goal of the homosexual movement. In 1972, the National Coalition of Gay Organizations adopted a ‘Gay Rights Platform” that included the following demand: “Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent.” David Thorstad, a spokesman for the homosexual rights movement and NAMBLA, clearly states the objectives: ‘The ultimate goal of the gay liberation movement is the achievement of sexual freedom for all – not just equal rights for ‘lesbians and gay men, but also freedom of sexual expression for young people and children.” This goal has not changed since it was articulated in 1972.

Enrique T. Rueda, The Homosexual Network (Old Greenwhich, Connecticut: The Devin Adair Company, 1982), p. 201


Homosexual organizations around the world have embarked upon a vigorous campaign to lower actual age of consent laws by claiming that current laws are discriminatory against homosexuals. In England, for example, a major push is underway to lower the age of sexual consent for homosexuals to 14. OutRage!, a homosexual organization that operates much like ACT UP in the United States, has been leading the crusade. In a statement published on the Queer Intelligence Service website, OutRage! claims that “under-age queers have rights too. They are some of the most vulnerable members of our community. We have a special responsibility to protect their interests and welfare.

Peter Tatchell, “Why We Want an Age of Consent of 14,” Queer Intelligence Service, Agenda for Gay Law Reform, OutRage.!, London, Sept. 10, 1998,

SOURCE: Frank V. York and Robert H. Knight, “Homosexual Activists Work To Normalize Sex With Boys”


“NAMBLA is nothing more or less than an egregious organization of pedophiles.”- Mike Echols in the L.A. Times 3/11/92

According to their website, NAMBLA’s goal is to end the extreme oppression of men and boys in mutually consensual relationships by:
building understanding and support for such relationships; educating the general public on the benevolent nature of man/boy love; cooperating with lesbian, gay, feminist, and other liberation movements; supporting the liberation of persons of all ages from sexual prejudice and oppression. Their membership is open to everyone sympathetic to man/boy love and personal freedom.


In 1991 NAMBLA had over 3,000 members. However, that was prior to January 1992 when Mike Echols went to San Francisco’s KRON-TV (NBC) and worked with Jon Dann, Greg Lyon, and Craig Franklin of Target 4 News to take a hidden camera and audio wire into NAMBLA’s January 4th public meeting in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill Public Library. The resulting video and news of this meeting led to the organization’s exposure on KRON-TV News… a story which ran for 18 days straight. And this video along with interviews of Echols were featured on CNN and Geraldo Rivera’s syndicated tabloid TV show “NOW It Can Be Told.”

Assignment date: 1/31/13

Gianna Jessen-An Abortion Survivor’s Story

Gianna Jessen came into the world as a surprise. Her 17-year-old mother knew she was pregnant. She also knew she didn’t want to be. She underwent an abortion procedure, having toxic saline solution injected into the womb during the third trimester.

Jessen, then in the womb for 7½ months, spent 18 hours in the solution. “It burns the baby inside and out,” she said. “(The mother) is to deliver a dead baby within 24 hours.” But when a 2-pound Jessen emerged, she was alive.

“I did not die that day,” Jessen said. “I was delivered alive in a Los Angeles County abortion clinic in a room full of teenage girls who had already had the saline injections and were feeling their children die inside of them.”

Jessen will tell her story Friday at a Sanctity of Life Rally in Modesto sponsored by the “11th Hour” TV program.

Raised in California, Jessen lives in Nashville, Tenn. She has traveled the world since she was 14, telling of her experience.

Jessen spent her first three months in a hospital incubator. Doctors at the hospital did not expect her to live, she said. But she did. She was then put in emergency foster care, before being placed at 17 months with a foster mother who would become her adoptive grandmother. Afflicted with cerebral palsy resulting from lack of oxygen in the womb, Jessen was “32 pounds of dead weight,” she said. She wasn’t expected to hold up her head, sit up, crawl or walk.

Her foster mother worked with Jessen, who at age 3½ began to walk with a walker and leg braces. Today, she walks with a slight limp in her left leg.

Jessen has done indoor rock climbing and is training for the Music City marathon in Nashville in a few months. She plans to take swing or tango dance lessons after that. Jessen also writes and performs songs, ranging from love ballads to social commentary.

“Never say never,” she said in a recent phone interview. “A person and God always have the opportunity to progress. No matter what point you are at, you can always do something, even if it is just the tiniest thing.”

On Christmas when she was 12, Jessen learned she had survived an abortion attempt. Before, when she had asked why she had cerebral palsy, her adoptive mother — the daughter of her foster mother — told her hers was a traumatic, premature birth. But that day when she asked, her mother decided Jessen was ready to hear the truth. She told her that her biological mother was young and without hope.

“I was aborted, right?” Jessen asked. Her adoptive mother confirmed it. Jessen was calm.

“It must have been the Lord, because I didn’t freak out,” Jessen remembered. “I totally believe that the Lord Jesus spared my life and I would not be walking today if it were not for the grace of God and the power of Christ. I know that when you need God to walk every day, you know that God is real.”

Jessen said she never dwelled on feelings of rejection, and someday wants to have or adopt children herself.

Louise Shatswell, producer of “The 11th Hour,” said she hopes those who hear Jessen will be touched by her story and “that their eyes will be opened to the reality of life at that stage of life.”

The rally will include a question-and-answer session with Jessen, as well as counselors and literature from the Modesto Pregnancy Center.

It’s impossible to know exactly how many babies survive abortion procedures, but it is rare, said Jessen, who met 11 others — ranging in age from young children to 65 years old — at a conference about 10 years ago.

Shatswell thinks Jessen’s appearance brings another view to a society that endorses the idea that “if you don’t want it, get rid of it,” she said. “I don’t believe the majority of people who get abortions are really informed about what they are doing.

“She is a living example of an unborn child being a child and not being a thing, a glob, an unidentified piece of nothing,” Shatswell said. “It’s a real-life living baby … and the sanctity of life that the Bible gives doesn’t sanction killing a child, whether in the womb or outside the womb.”

If a woman told her she was considering an abortion, Jessen said she would listen to her, then lead her to a pregnancy crisis center for tests and counseling.

“I would say that choosing to have an abortion is something she would never forget,” said Jessen, who advocates adoption.

“Can’t we just give a little and say, ‘I may not be the best mother for this child, but I love this child enough to sacrifice for it’?” she asked. “Isn’t that the ultimate love?”

Jessen is conscious that examples speak louder than words. She often talks to young people about the value of chastity, modesty and honor. She wants to remind people that all of their choices have consequences.

“My biological parents made some really poor choices,” she said. “I forgive them for what they did (but) I live every day with the result of the ‘choice’ that my biological mother made 27 years ago. So it’s ridiculous to think our choices on a moment-by-moment basis only affect us. They always affect someone else, for good or ill.”

Jessen is sometimes unprepared for the grief that pours out from others when they hear her story. “Women who have had abortions have come up to me crying, saying, ‘I wish I had never done this. I had no idea the pain I would live with for the rest of my life,'” she said.

Men, too, have talked to her of feeling powerless or regretful about supporting an abortion. “At the end of the day, I do a lot of listening,” Jessen said.

It’s not all listening. She met President Bush in 2002 and has appeared before Congress, including speaking against partial-birth abortion in 1999 and in support of the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act in 2000.

She said she doesn’t often think about her mother’s abortion. “I just spend my life trying to smile and overcome,” she said. “Sometimes, it does hit me, ‘Oh, my gosh, I was aborted; that’s huge.’ There are days I think about it and I think, ‘This is amazing.’ But my whole life has been, so far, kind of an adventure. I really look at life that way.”

Assignment Date: 1/16/13

Who Are Today’s Cult Leaders?

Brothers and sisters I have prepared this document out of a need to tell the truth. For far too long I have sat and watched as false teachers ravage the sheep of God with their suave personalities and smooth speech. It’s time to expose those whose teachings do not line up with the word of God. This information I am giving you can be found at various websites and on youtube. This list is largely but not exclusively pointed at the teachings of preachers who are involved in the “Word of Faith” movement. I will give you the list and then a bit of background on this movement. Please feel free to contact me about any of the preachers you see on this list. I encourage a full and productive dialogue on this matter as it is of great importance.

• Creflo Dollar
• Fred Price
• Kenneth Copeland
• Paul and Jan Crouch
• Jesse Duplantis
• Marilyn Hickey
• Kenneth Hagin Jr.
• T.D. Jakes
• Jerry Savalle
• Benny Hinn
• Joel Osteen
• Myles Monroe
• Joyce Meyer
• Bill Winston
• Rodney Howard-Browne
• Juanita Bynum
• Casey Treat
• Larry Huch
• Steve Munsey
• Mike Murdock
• Rod Parsley
• Morris Cerrillo
• Robert Tilton

Keep in mind that this is the list of the more visible false teachers. There is a huge army of preachers who are disciples of these teachers and are spread out nationally as well as in the local church. Hopefully after reading this you can begin to discern if your pastor is teaching falsehoods as well.

Word Of Faith History

The Word of Faith movement began with a Baptist preacher in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s named E.W. Kenyon. Before beginning his preaching he sat under the teachings of Phineas Quimby and Mary Baker Eddy, both know as founders of mind science Christianity. As he began to preach he introduced a number of doctrines that were laced with scripture, but were rooted in mind science philosophy. He author 18 books which are available for purchase today, which reveal his newfound theology. Among his book titles are, New Creation Realities, The Wonderful Name of Jesus, and The Blood Covenant. It is in these books and all the others that you find Kenyon’s metaphysical thought process when it comes to the word of God.

The 21st Century Connection

Kenneth Hagin must undoubtable be the father of the modern Word of Faith movement. His teachings form the foundation of what we now see as the movement. But where did he get his theology? In 1983, two students at Oral Roberts University alleged that the bulk of Hagin’s theological teachings were lifted verbatim from the writings of other authors. D.R. McConnell, who wrote his Master’s thesis about the Word of Faith movement, alleged that Hagin had plagiarized the writings of evangelist E.W. Kenyon, teaching not only the ideas of Kenyon but also lifting text word-for-word from many of Kenyon’s eighteen published works.You can examine the alleged plagiarism for yourself here you be the judge.

The following are some of the teachings of Kenneth Hagin that are still a part of word faith theology today:
“He [Jesus] tasted spiritual death for every man. And His spirit and inner men went to hell in my place. Can’t you see that? Physical death wouldn’t remove your sins. He’s tasted death for every man. He’s talking about tasting spiritual death.” (Ken Hagin, “How Jesus Obtained His Name.”)

“The trouble with us is that we’ve preached a ‘cross’ religion, and we need to preach a ‘throne’ religion. By that I mean that people have thought they were supposed to remain at the cross. Some have received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, have backed up to the cross, and have stayed there ever since…The cross is actually a place of defeat, whereas the Resurrection is a place of triumph. When you preach the cross, you’re preaching death, and you leave people in death.” (Ken Hagin, “The Believer’s Authority,” page 16. Second Edition 1986)

“Originally, God made the earth and the fullness thereof, giving Adam dominion over all the works of His hands. In other words, Adam was the god of this world. Adam committed high treason and sold out to Satan, and Satan, through Adam, became the god of this world…Now Satan has a right to be here and be god of this world until ‘Adam’s lease’ runs out.”
(Ken Hagin, “The Believer’s Authority,” page 19. Second Edition 1986)

“The Lord said to me, ‘If I give you a message for an individual, a church, or a pastor and they don’t accept it, you will not be responsible. They will be responsible. There will be ministers who don’t accept it and will fall dead in the pulpit.”
(Ken Hagin, “I Believe,” page 114-115.

“I say this with reluctance but this actually happened in one place where I preached. Two weeks from the day that I closed the meeting, the pastor fell dead in the pulpit. When I left that church crying. I told the pastor in the next church where I went to hold a meeting, ‘that man fell dead in the pulpit.’ And just a very short time after that he did. Why? Because he didn’t accept the message that God gave me to give him from the Holy Spirit.”
(Ken Hagin, “I Believe,” page 115

“Sometimes in my meetings the glory cloud will come as I am about to minister to people in a healing line. The first time that happened I was holding a meeting for Brother Gordon Lindsay in the 1960’s. I had laid hands on about half of the people in the healing line. Then I saw the glory cloud rolling into the building. I walked back to the pulpit because I knew in that instance if I stood in that cloud, I would fall under the power of the Holy Spirit along with the rest of the people. The cloud came floating over the heads of the congregation. Meanwhile, the people in the healing line all had their eyes closed and were worshipping God. They weren’t watching me. I waited until the cloud was right above the people in the healing line, and then I waved my hand. When I did that, every person in the healing line fell down like dominoes under the power of the Spirit.”
(Ken Hagin, “The Glory of God,” Article C-Faith)

“The believer is as much an incarnation as was Jesus of Nazareth.”
(Kenneth E. Hagin, “The Incarnation,” The Word of Faith page 13, December 12, 1980

Also a lot of what Hagin came to believe arrived out of his (7) “visitations” from Christ. This goes in line with the Gnostic or “special revelation” philosophy found in the metaphysical roots of the word faith movement. The word of faith teachers are able to mislead it’s followers by stating “God told me” or “I had a visitation from God.” This is how they are able to bypass scripture.

The New Breed

Today’s Word of Faith preachers derive most if not all of their teachings from Kenneth Hagin Sr. Many of them refer to him as “mentor” or call him “pop Hagin” of “Dad Hagin.” His fingerprints are on evry doctrine the faith teachers preach. Look at what some of the current are preaching to their congregations and to millions on T.V. and satellite:

Kenneth Copeland

“Jesus went into hell to free mankind from the penalty of Adam’s high treason…When His blood poured out it did not atone. Jesus spent three horrible days and nights in the bowels of this earth getting back for you and me our rights with God.” (Ken Copeland, Personal letter from Ken Copeland, Ft. Worth Texas, March 12, 1979. (D. R. McConnell, A Different Gospel, page 118)

“The Spirit of God spoke to me and He said, ‘Son, realize this. Now follow me in this and don’t let your tradition trip you up.’ He said, ‘Think this way – a twice-born man whipped Satan in his own domain.’ And I threw my Bible down…like that. I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘A born-again man defeated Satan, the firstborn of many brethren defeated him.’ He said, ‘You are the very image, the very copy of that one.’ I said, ‘Goodness, gracious sakes alive!’ And I began to see what had gone on in there, and I said, ‘Well now you don’t mean, you couldn’t dare mean, that I could have done the same thing?’ He said, ‘Oh yeah, if you’d had the knowledge of the Word of God that He did, you could have done the same thing, ’cause you’re a reborn man too.” (Dr. John MacArthur, “Charismatic Chaos,” page 337. Kenneth Copeland, “Substitution and Identification”)

“He [Jesus] allowed the devil to drag Him into the depths of hell….He allowed Himself to come under Satan’s control…every demon in hell came down on Him to annihilate Him….They tortured Him beyond anything anybody had ever conceived. For three days He suffered everything there is to suffer.” (Kenneth Copeland, “The Price of It All,” page 3.

Creflo Dollar

Everything produces after it’s own kind. That’s the law of Genesis! Everything produces after it’s own kind. Will God set a law into motion and then not follow the law that He set into motion? Absolutely not! Where did you come from? Who did you come from? Everything produces after it’s own kind. Horses get horses and dogs get dogs and Gods produced gods! Gods produced gods! Ya’ll didn’t hear that. Horses produce horses and dogs produce dogs and Gods produced gods! Horses produce horses and dogs produce dogs and cats produce cats and fish produce fish and God produced gods! And then God produced more gods with flesh and then gods with flesh produced more gods with flesh. And then gods with flesh produced more gods with flesh until THE God of gods with flesh showed up one day with flesh and dwelt among the other gods with flesh to demonstrate to the other gods with flesh how to have authority over the flesh! So follow Him! Follow Him! This is our history I’m telling you about! This is the history the religious church wants to hide away from you so you don’t know who you really are!”

(Creflo Dollar, Audio-Clip, “Creflo Dollar: Christian Celebrity or Charismatic Gnostic?” #0418

“I have equality with God, chats my way of thinking. Now somebody says, “Well, it’s hard to think that way,” Well, keep saying it, “I have equality with God” talk yourself into it! You’ve talked yourself into other things!”
(Creflo Dollar, Audio clip from, “The Bible answer-man,” Hank Hanegraaff July 10, 2003)
“Here’s what I want you to get here. If Jesus came as God, then why did God have to anoint Him? If Jesus – see God’s already been anointed. If Jesus came as God, then why did God have to anoint Him? Jesus came as a man, that’s why it was legal to anoint him. God doesn’t need anointing, He is anointing. Jesus came as a man, and at age 30 God is now getting ready to demonstrate to us, and give us an example of what a man, with the anointing, can do.”

(Creflo Dollar, Jesus’ Growth into Sonship, dated December 8, 15, 2002)

“But Jesus didn’t show up perfect, he grew into his perfection. You know Jesus, in one scripture in the Bible he went on a journey, and he was tired. You better hope God don’t get tired. Isaiah 50 says, 50, 60, somewhere, says where we have a God who fainteth not, neither is weary (Isa. 40:28). But Jesus did, if he came as God and he got tired, he says he sat down by the well ’cause he was tired. Boy we’re in trouble. And somebody said, well, Jesus came as God. Well how many of you know the Bible says God never sleeps, nor slumbers. And yet in the book of Mark we see Jesus asleep in the back of the boat.
Y’all please listen to me, please listen to me. This ain’t no heresy. I am not some false prophet, I am just reading this thing out to you the Bible. I am just telling you all these fantasy preachers have been preaching all of this stuff for all of these years and we bought the package. And the question mark was there. And we are now – faith can never go past that question mark, and we’ve tolerated and put it up, put up with things that we had authority over”

(Creflo Dollar, Jesus’ Growth into Sonship, dated December 8, 15, 2002)

T.D. Jakes

T. D. Jakes denies the essential Christian doctrine of the Trinity. His view is one God playing three different roles or manifestations. He believes in a god that appears in three different “manifestations.” Let me quote him, “…One God, but manifest in…three different ways, Father in creation, Son in redemption, Holy Spirit in regeneration.” Like one man who is a pastor, father, and husband, this view is called modalism and it is heresy.
T. D. Jakes:
“God–There is one God, Creator of all things, infinitely perfect, and eternally existing in three Manifestations: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

(“Living by the Word” on KKLA, hosted by John Coleman, Aug. 23, 1998)

“Don’t argue with people about foolishness. Don’t argue about the Godhead–the Bible says it’s a mystery. If it’s a mystery that means it’s a supernatural thing and everybody who thinks they understand it–really don’t. It’s impossible to explain how one God can be three persons and three persons be one God. And you’re gonna blow your computer and short circuit your p.c. trying to explain something that you don’t even understand. You can’t even explain how a brown cow eats green grass and produces white milk. So you know you can’t explain God. So just shut up arguing about it and say it’s a mystery. All we know is that He’s Father in creation, Son in redemption, and Holy Ghost in regeneration and it’s all good.”

(T. D. Jakes, “Bible Answer Man Show,” Hank Hanegraaff, Audio-Clip, June 3, 2005)

“Don’t argue with people about foolishness. Don’t argue about the Godhead–the Bible says it’s a mystery. If it’s a mystery that means it’s a supernatural thing and everybody who thinks they understand it–really don’t. It’s impossible to explain how one God can be three persons and three persons be one God. And you’re gonna blow your computer and short circuit your p.c. trying to explain something that you don’t even understand. You can’t even explain how a brown cow eats green grass and produces white milk. So you know you can’t explain God. So just shut up arguing about it and say it’s a mystery. All we know is that He’s Father in creation, Son in redemption, and Holy Ghost in regeneration and it’s all good.”

(T. D. Jakes, “Bible Answer Man Show,” Hank Hanegraaff, Audio-Clip, June 3, 2005)

“It’s what you say to yourself that gets you healed. If you say that you won’t be healed you won’t be healed. If you say that you are broke you will stay broke. Oh! But I came to serve notice on the Devil. The Bible says, ‘The power of life and death is in the tongue. Slap somebody and say, ‘You better speak to yourself.'”
(T. D. Jakes, “Seize the Moment,” Woman Thou Art Loosed, 2000 Atlanta)

These are just some of the examples of just a few WOF teachers and their unbiblical teachings. You will see that their teaching bears more of a resemblance to New Age philosophy than it does biblical theology. Please do your due diligence and find out for yourself. I challenge you to find sound biblical support for what is beig preached from this movement. Don’t get me wrong some of what they preach is right, but would you drop a few drops of arsenic into your sweet tea and drink it? I think not!
I have many, many more websites, video clips, and quotes from these and other word of faith preachers. Please feel free to comment on this and any of my posts, this is an issue that needs to be discussed, and remember I will come out with a local church list at a later date.

With Love and Blessings,


Assignment Date: 12/29/12

Amy-An Abortion Survivor’s Story

In September of 1975, a woman discovered that she was pregnant. Things were very difficult for her, as she was raising two sons, six and 15 years old. Their father had walked out on them and refused to help care for the boys financially, or in any other way. The only alternative for this woman, it seemed, was to abort this unexpected baby. After all, she could barely afford to feed the children she already had.

Between the months of September 1975 and January 1976, this woman had three therapeutic abortions in an attempt to rid herself of the unborn baby. These abortions, also known as a “salting out procedure” are performed by injecting a very large syringe into the woman’s abdomen, removing a certain amount of amniotic fluid out of the womb, and then injecting three times the amount of saline back in, thus “burning” the baby out. For reasons only God knows, these abortions did not take and on April 21, 1976, two months premature, her baby was born. The child was perfect and healthy, weighing four pounds, five ounces.

Unfortunately on March 16, 1977, the mother passed away, less than a year after her baby girl was born. After the woman’s death, the infant’s father and paternal grandmother took custody of the baby and her two brothers. As this baby girl grew up, her father told her about the three abortions she had undergone in her mother’s womb but this little girl never believed him, as she assumed that if a baby is aborted, he or she could not possibly survive.

The truth only came to this girl when she was eighteen years old, married, and approximately five months pregnant with her first child. This girl needed and soon obtained her mother’s medical records from the hospital that had treated her. Imagine her utter shock as she read about how her mother tried to terminate her unborn child three times. As the young girl read the medical documents, the new life inside of her was stirring and kicking as if to say “Mommy please don’t get any ideas.”

Today this young woman is 25 years old and is raising a family of her own. She is healthy and normal in every way, with no physical deformities of any kind.

I am the child that I have been writing about. My mother had no right to try and abort me, no matter what the circumstances were, no matter how inconvenient her pregnancy was. And if she was here with us today, I’m sure she would agree. Life is too precious to simply throw away. Now I can speak out against abortion from the baby’s perspective. Any baby would choose life.

– Amy

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