The Defensive Interposition Statement: Will You Sign It?

I. We, the undersigned, proclaim that whatever force is legitimate to defend the life of a born person is legitimate to defend the life of a pre-born person.

II. Beginning at fertilization, the child in the womb is a person under the law of God.

III. We declare and reaffirm the design of our founding fathers that any, and all, of the governments of the several states, in obedience to God, are duty-bound to interpose to:
III. 1) Defend with force the lives of all innocent persons within the state;
III. 2) Refuse extradition of and otherwise grant refuge to any person adjudicated in the state by a jury of his peers to have legitimately defended the life of [an] innocent person[s] (for said action[s]);
III. 3) Organize state police and/or militia to resist, with the least amount of necessary force, any and all encroachments by federal police and/or military upon the natural right to life of innocent persons.

One thought on “Activism

  1. Home school is the only answer. Period. Here are two articles I wrote for another blog (before we had the old religion vs.salvation blow up) Anyone who thinks their eight year old can be “salt and light” in the government pagan shrines masquerading as schools, is lying to themselves and to their Creator.

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