About Urban Truth Network

The Urban Truth Network is a 24 hour news network dedicated to reporting under reported or unreported news throughout the world. They also focus on religious persecution taking place internationally that is ignored by the mainstream media. Its purpose is to expose the truth that has been hidden by those seeking to blind the world in order to control the masses and influence public opinion. The Urban Truth Network is committed to providing media that would otherwise go unnoticed.

2 thoughts on “About Urban Truth Network

  1. Brother Green, this is Leonard Lyles the gentleman that talked with you on Susan Puzio’s show today about Race and Reconcilitation. I think we got off on the wrong foot today but I think you are mistaken about me and my views on God and government. I can assure you that my views are biblically based and favoring truth. I have found out from experience and the Word to work out my own soul salvation with fear and trembling. Have had enough of the conservative and liberal viewpoint because they are going to one day combine against real truth. I will never again put all my eggs in one basket, Calvinism or Arminisim, Republican or Democrat, Communism or Capitalism because they are different sides of the same coin.

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