Black Lives Matter? I Don’t Think So!


Black Lives Matter? Really?? As I sit in waiting with the rest of the world for the decision on the indictment of Officer Darin Wilson, the images that I observe are striking. To the left on my television screen is St. Louis County prosecutor Bob Mc Cullough, reading back the decision of the grand jury. To the right on my screen are images of angry protesters as they prepare for what is expected to be a highly confrontational and violent protest following the Grand jury’s decision.

The protesters carry various flags and signs expressing their support for Michael Brown the unarmed black teenager who was shot by officer Dan Wilson this past summer. One sign in particular stands out from the others, “Black Lives Matter.” As I saw this I begin to ponder the phrase black lives matter.  I cannot help but question both the impact and validity of this statement.

It is a known fact that In high profile cases such as this one civil rights activists such as this Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson often take the opportunity to incite unrest in an attempt to move the civil rights cause forward. These men along was several other liberal voices would like us to believe that they are advocates for the black community.

To these so called black leaders, to black religious leaders, liberal pundits, media and black politicians around the country, I would like to ask a few questions about this term Black Lives Matter.  Question number one, If Black Lives Matter…Why are you not on the front line in the fight against abortion in the black community? In 2012, there were more black babies killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City alone than were born there (24,758), and the black children killed comprised 42.4% of the total number of abortions in the Big Apple, according to a report by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. (CNSNEWS.COM) Abortion is progressing at a genocidal rate particularly in the black community yet we do not see our black leaders fighting for the lives of these unborn children neither do we see the media taking any interest in this modern day holocaust. Since Roe V Wade there have been over 13 Million black children aborted, yet the voices who claim to speak for injustice in the black community remain silent.

Question number two, If Black Lives Matter…Why are the media and our black leadership not pushing back against the high black on black murder rate in this country? In a CNN interview this week Ex-New York Mayor and Presidential candidate Rudy Guliani stated “93% of Black murders are committed by other blacks.” A 2007 special reports released the Bureau of Justice confirms this. One city that has perennially come under fire for racially charged violence is Chicago. In just the span of three days alone — March 16th-19th of 2009 — 41 people, mostly African-American, were shot and killed in Chicago. Ten were killed in President Obama’s former neighborhood. Incredibly, these atrocities on our very own streets barely received a turn of the head by activists, nor did they receive any media coverage. (

Question number three, If Black Lives Matter…Where is the national campaign to reduce the high number of Black prison incarcerations? African Americans now constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population ( Most of these incarcerations are due to drugs and violence, but we have yet to see a national high profile campaign by our “black leaders” to reduce crime in the black community. Instead we see a campaign that focuses on racial disparity in the justice system.

Question number four, If Black Lives Matter…Where is the fight to change the disproportionately high rate of unemployment among Blacks? In October of this year the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 10.9 percent of Blacks are unemployed. Amongst Black teens the number climbs to a staggering 52.9%! Yet where is the national effort from the first Black President Barack Obama and the rest of our Black politicians and activists to change this? Where is the hope and change we were promised?

It’s time for a change of focus when dealing with the Black issues in America. It is very sad to see what is happening in Ferguson Missouri as vandals loot, pillage and burn the business of their Black brothers and sisters as our so called Black Leaders cry foul on the system. Instead of once again perpetuating the “victim” role we need to take a look at what is going on in our communities to take our teens like Michael Brown out of a position to even be shot and killed by anyone let alone a White police officer.

When we say “Black Lives Matter” it’s time for our Black Leaders to look at the heart of those living in the Black Community to see what must been done on a spiritual and psychological level to change the heart of Black men, women and children away from an undesirable life of sinful indulgence to the one and only thing that is able to save the life of man. That is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. It is only the true gospel of salvation in Jesus that is able to make true our efforts to save the Black community and also make true the bold statement “Black Lives Matter.” If in fact “Black Lives Matter” we need a national campaign to advance not a liberal or social gospel agenda, but a true gospel agenda centered on the one and only savior of mankind…Jesus Christ.


Jim Green

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