Mr. President, Gentleman and Ladies, Take Heed…..We Will Be Pushed No Farther!

This is an open-ended letter addressed to not only President Barack Obama, but to every person who serves the sovereign citizenry as a reminder of their sworn oaths to govern both lawfully and ethically. Mr. President, gentleman and ladies, take heed.

Upon the day each of you by your own voluntary decision accepted an elected nomination and or were appointed by confirmation to a position of influence, you knowingly relinquished your individual right to govern based upon any prior world-view that you may have had in submission to the Rule of Law established by the United Stated Constitution. America’s founding fathers knew all too intimately just how corrupt government leaders can and do become without there being an established set of rules of which they would be held accountable to. Hence is why they so brilliantly presented to the world governments the Declaration of Independence, and then wrote into law the United States Constitution which affirms The Bill of Rights of every American citizen. They equipped us with this knowledge along with the warning to be diligent with policing the actions of those in government. They gave us the authority of moral laws and most importantly the right to armament for self-defense to ensure that our fledgling Republic would survive any and all attacks. All of this is why a free self-governed citizenry believed that they and we could and have accomplished all of the great things which the American people have done.

But sadly what these men warned about then has come to fruition today. Because we have not been diligent. We the people became lazy and complacent and have gorged ourselves on self-pleasure. Not willing to allow an opportunity to go to waste both Republicans and Democrats have unethically given large sums of our money to others who like themselves have the platforms to influence the world-view of an unlearned society to believe that government leaders know what is best for everyone else. It is an indoctrination which has been masterfully imposed upon the unsuspecting through education, the media and the entertainment industries. Until recent the majority of American’s were either too stupid to realize or they chose to not believe that our own government leaders were conspiring to bring harm upon us all. Thankfully though, there are a few politicians and citizens, both men and women, who continually address the criminal activities of the majority of all the other politicians, the Supreme Court Justices and those committed by President Barack Obama and his entire administration. Each and every person who had a position of influence during the last several presidential administrations have knowingly overstepped the boundaries outlined by Constitutional Law. It is because of the faithfulness of the few who are willing to address these issues that the American people are beginning to wake up.
We see and we understand what is the intended outcome of big government imposing unconstitutional laws and regulations upon the law abiding populace. We will not tolerate our sovereign rights being violated by men and women whose lust for power and control has corrupted their moral reason. You are not capable of rightly governing, nor do you deserve the lavish luxuries of which our hard-earned monies affords you and your privileged families.

We are giving those of you in government a warning to cease with the carefully planned events that have been and are orchestrated to destroy the Republic we all call our home. This piece of land upon which we have built houses and live together as families and neighbors, and all the different types of work each of us does to earn a living and provide sustenance is all that any of us have. We have nowhere to go, and is why we understand that we have everything to lose. We will fight for what is ours and for those we care about. Mr. Obama, Mrs. Feinstein and all the rest of you who intend to regulate and restrict and eventually confiscate guns…, it ain’t gonna happen! We will not allow tyrants who have no respect for Constitutional Law to disarm us, the American people. We are the last stand against the socialist world-view of a one-world government and the sovereign rights of the free man.

And just in case you immoral career politicians have forgotten… Your numbers are less than 600. The sovereign citizenry numbers in excess of 300,000,000. It is noted that many American’s are still ignorant, but this will not prevent action being taken against traitors. You can and will be arrested. You will be tried and sentenced. Everything that you have gotten by unjust gain will be taken from you. You will lose everything and at your end what will you have accomplished? Nothing… Be careful how much you intend push us. We have just now dug in our heels. We will be pushed no farther!

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