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Lax abortion standards put women at risk of infection, death

Last week, a young woman and her child both died allegedly at the hands of notorious late-term abortionist, Leroy Carhart, in Germantown, Maryland. Texas Right to Life is saddened by these untimely, preventable deaths. We are even more determined to hold negligent abortionists accountable to the law.

Jennifer Morbelli Funeral

What happened to 29-year-old Jennifer Morbelli can happen again, right here in Texas, because of the lax standards to which abortionists and abortion centers are held.

Carhart maddow-interview-operation-rescue

Just like Carhart, abortionists in Texas may operate out of one of many abortion facilities. When abortionists skip from town to town and do not acquire admitting privileges at local hospitals, fatal problems arise. When Carhart’s victim began to suffer complications, the local emergency room was unable to obtain information from either Carhart or the abortion facility. Had Carhart…

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