17 commandments for Sabbatarians

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I. Thou Shalt not divide the first covenant up into moral and ceremonial laws!
II. Thou shalt not arbitrarily switch the definition of terms like “commandments” and “the law” in passages to avoid contradiction with your own theology.
III. Thou shalt realize that the book of Genesis does not contain the word “Sabbath” and nowhere in the New Covenant is the Sabbath day commandment found, instead, it says the Sabbath was abolished!
IV. Thou shalt never again misquote Matthew 5:17 (jot or tittle) as a proof text for Sabbath keeping.
V. Thou shalt not make the keeping of days (Sabbath day) into a moral law, when it is clearly a ceremonial law.
VI. Thou shalt never teach that if the Ten Commandments are abolished, we can steal and commit adultery.
VII. Although you may not like it, thou shalt learn that the current and historic “official position” of the Seventh-day Adventist and most other Sabbatarians churches is that Sunday worship IS THE Mark Of The Beast.
VIII. Thou shalt remember that the two greatest commandments were not in the 10 commandments.
IX. Thou shalt stop misrepresenting history by ignoring the fact that early Christians always worshipped on the first day (Sunday) and never kept the Sabbath!
X. Thou shalt not teach that the Ten Commandments and the Old Covenant that was abolished, are two different things!
XI. Thou shalt not reject everything the Catholic church teaches EXCEPT their claim to have changed the Sabbath day.
XII. If thou claim that since Jesus is our example and that He did keep the Sabbath, therefore we should keep the Sabbath… Also keep animal sacrifices, the day of Pentecost feast, the Days of Unleavened bread, since Jesus also kept these…being our example. Thou shalt be consistent.
XIII. Thou shalt teach that although God never changes, the Sabbath law does change!
XIV. Thou shalt not say that the Sunday worship is of pagan origin by quoting from Bible haters like Arthur Weigall, who trash not only Sunday, but Sabbath, the virgin birth and resurrection of Christ!
XV. Thou shalt not fail to understand that OUR POSITION is not that the Sabbath day was not changed to Sunday, it was abolished before you contact us.
XVI. Thou shalt not ever teach that that Apostle Paul kept the Sabbath 84 times, when in fact he never kept the Sabbath as a Christian.
XVII. Thou shalt learn that the only day ever mentioned in connection with worship of Christians after the resurrection was the first day of the week communion (Acts 20:7) and first day of the week collection (1 Cor 16:1-2)


One thought on “17 commandments for Sabbatarians

  1. I like it! The Sabbath is a Person – not a date! We rest in Him when we are fully surrendered. Roman Catholic Ecumenism creeping into every single denomination has gotten dominionism and works on everyone’s brains!

    Even thinking that you can keep the Law – is idolatry – because you are putting yourself on the same level as Him – Jesus the Christ – the Personification of the Law.

    The Sabbath was formerly symbolic of a person’s faith. Our faith no longer needs to be symbolized – because our Faith rests entirely in Him, Who lives and reigns forever.

    Once again, a cultic strain of Christianity (other than Mormonism) is being trumpeted for all the sheeple to adore. At the National Prayer Breakfast, the illustrious “Christian” Dr. Benjamin Carter made an extraordinarily stirring speech – (I was impressed) which thrilled the ears of conservatives world-wide.

    Only one thing – Dr. Carter is a Seventh Day Adventist, who maintain that Christ’s death, burial and resurrection were NOT the Atonement –

    “We dissent from the view that the atonement was made upon the cross,” (Fundamental Principles, p.2)

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