Contrasting Calvinism and Arminianism: Which Way is Biblical? Pt.1


Let us take a revealing look at these to very compelling but diametrically opposed views of how we are saved and how we come to Christ. In the end scripture must decide which right and which is wrong.

The 5 Points of Arminianism

Free Will

Sin does not control man’s will. He is sick and near-sighted, but still able to obey, believe and repent. He does not continually sin, for is nature is not completely evil.

Conditional Election

God chose the elect on the basis of their foreseen faith. He loves all men equally. God passed over no one, but gives everyone an equal chance to be saved.

Universal Atonement

Christ died equally for all men, and paid a provisional price that made salvation possible for all but guaranteed it for none.

Resistible Grace

Saving grace is resistible, for God does not overrule man’s free will. Man is born again after he believes, for faith and repentance are not gifts of God.

Falling from Grace

Only a few Christians continue in faith and obedience to the end (Arminians are divided over whether one can actually lose his



The 5 Points of Calvinism

Total Depravity

Sin controls every part of man. He is spiritually dead and blind, and unable to obey, believe, or repent. He continually sins, for his nature is completely evil.

Unconditional Election

God chose the elect solely on the basis of His free grace, not anything in them. He has a special love for the elect. God left the rest to be damned for their sins.

Limited Atonement

Christ died especially for the elect, and paid a definite price for them that guaranteed their salvation.

Irresistible Grace

Saving grace is irresistible, for the Holy Spirit in invincible and intervenes in man’s heart. He sovereignly gives the new birth, faith and repentance to the elect.

Perseverance of the Saints

God preserves all the elect and causes them to persevere in faith and obedience to the end. None are continually back-slidden or finally lost.


When we continue this piece we will examine the scriptural position for each side.


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