Worldview Weekend’s Commentary on “Unbiblical Hospitality”


Worldview Weekend Radio

Brannon’s topic today is unbiblical hospitality. 2 John specially warns against showing hospitality to false teachers. What does John mean when he says not to even greet false teachers? How do we distinguish between private evangelism and publically embracing known false teachers? What well-known evangelicals does Brannon believe have violated God’s strong command of entering into spiritual enterprises or publically embracing well-known false teachers? John defines love as walking according to God’s commandments. John 14:15 and 21 actually describes those that love God as those that follow His commandments. Jude 3 and Acts 20:28-31 commands Christians to warn of false teachers that are seeking to work their way into the church or Christian community. Thus, when people say that we are being unloving when we call out false teachers or those embracing false teachers, they are 100% wrong. Actually calling out false teachers is obeying God’s commandments and reveals our love for truth. In today’s program, Brannon points are as follows: 1. Show hospitality to those that embrace Biblical truth. 2. Proclaiming and defending truth is loving. 3. Christians are to love the truth, know the truth, and comply with the truth. 4. False teachers desire to gain fellowship with true believers for credibility. 5. Do not show hospitality to false teachers as this gives them credibility and leads others astray.

To listen to the program, click on the link entitled “Unbiblical Hospitality“.

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