Worldview Weekend’s Commentary on the Assault on Manhood & Contending for the Faith


Worldview Weekend

Today Brannon discusses how and why three Christian men he spent the weekend with in Destin, Florida this past weekend with his family, serve as examples and an encouragement to him. Why is the Christian male in America under assault from the culture and often from within evangelicalism? Why are men that display conviction, courage, and a willingness to confront error often ridiculed as mean, judgmental, harsh, legalistic, and intolerant even by most evangelicals? What has happen within evangelicalism over the years that have caused men like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen to be admired while men that follow in the example of William Tyndale, Charles Spurgeon, or Jonathan Edwards are now met with disdain? Today�s program will be a real encouragement to both men and women that are committed to Biblical truth to press on and that they are not alone.

To listen to the program, click on the link entitled “The Assault on Manhood & Contending for the Faith“.


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