The Obama administration’s theme for the 2012 election is “FORWARD

History tells a very different story of the political ideal associated with this word. While it is undeniable that both Bush administrations and the Clinton administration committed treasonous acts against the American people, the Obama administration is no longer concealing the intent of subjugating the American people to an international socialist government rule. The debt amassed by Obama’s policies have brought America to the brink of economic insolvency. Obama has repeatedly prevented private business from investment into and of expanding economic growth and therefore the American people have had to rethink what each of us have in the past thought either important or of necessity. While 40,000,000 people expectantly receive some form of government assistance and contribute nothing in the form of tax revenue for federal, state and local government purposes, the rest of America’s citizenship is either unemployed or they work two and three jobs in the attempt to provide for their own families.

Instead of our tax revenues benefiting the American people, billions of dollars have been illegally given to foreign governments and billions more riotously wasted by the irresponsibility of both republican and democratic elected officials because their constituents do not bother to educate themselves with the checks and balances written into law and are established by the US Constitution. Our ignorance is the execution of the agenda of subjection set forth by the corporate and the political elite to collapse the only society that has the moral fortitude and the armament to stand up against the dissolvement of our Constitution and Bill of Rights to the rule of One World Government.

Considering the illegal executive orders signed into law by acting U.S. Presidents since the illegal Act of 1871, which combined takes away the sovereign rights of every American citizen. We are, according to those who study trends and world events, just one major event away from Martial Law being declared in America. This is the plan by those who mentored, funded and then placed in the executive office of the President of the UNITED STATES a man whose world view is anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-personal freedom, and is to be executed during his second term in office.
When this happens, everything that is believed about Barack Obama by the hapless sheeple who cheerfully and dutifully voted into leadership the most dangerous man to have ever served in Americas highest office will then understand that they were played the fool that they really are.

There are those in public office and others who through independent news sources do all that they can to educate people with facts in hope of awakening these people to the truth of what is really happening to our Republic, the states of residence which we all call our homes. If we do nothing different than what has already been done the elite will succeed with crippling any hope of America ever being a sovereign and self-sustaining society of free people capable of self-government. Is this what we really want? If not, then what are you willing to do individually and with other like-minded people to preserve and to protect our way of life? Act now before it’s too late!

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