What if one day very soon all that we know is forever changed. That which we believed true is not while events currently effecting how each of us lives reveals the truth about what none of us could have ever imagined would ever be.

Every government of the nations of the world and the people of these nations are not at ease. We see this on the news every day of the week. Within each of us is the thought of something not being right. Something that causes concern. Something that the common man can’t quite understand, but yet having a gnawing feeling of an impending event or series of events happening of the magnitude which we have no power to change.

The nations governments are broke both morally and financially.
Which is reflected among the civil unrest of angry people who are themselves morally corrupt and are unsure of the future.
The price of foods have and will continue to increase dramatically.
There are wars and rumors of impending wars with nuclear capability.
The threat of Martial Law enforced by civil police, and both national and UN military forces.
There’s division among societal classes, world views, faiths, races, as we all frantically try to make sense of the nonsense to no avail.
We are witnessing first hand nations and government leaders unashamedly aligning themselves with other nations and government leaders in the attempt to stabilize currencies, markets and trade, while assuring the people of peace and safety. Peace and safety of which none of us are confident of because of the events we are all subject too every day of our lives. These government leaders know what they are doing…

Something is coming… We all sense this. Some dubious. Some reluctant. Some expectant. But if or when this something happens it will affect all of us in so many different ways that none of us will ever be the same again. Few people are prepared and even those of us who have prepared are not, in my opinion, fully prepared for the life-changing circumstances we could all soon have to come to terms with. Especially those of us who live in the modern western hemispheres.

There is an important question every person must ask of themselves:

“Should these events happen and everyone is overcome with fear and hunger and of the urgency of self-preservation at the unfortunate cost the less fortunate, will one rightly judge another’s motives to either offer help to those in need or to take a life so that someone else will not become a victim?”

Do I have what it takes? Do you?

I as do others, hope that the signs of the time which we now live in is not what we believe is happening. But the Bible teaches that this will happen one day and the evidence of this prophetic truth is world history. It does not matter what one chooses to believe about the Holy Scriptures. The Bible has time and again accurately predicted world events which came to pass exactly as was written and during the times these writings instructed they would. All great societies that rejected GOD have come to ruin. And sadly, it’s quite evident that history will very soon repeat itself once again.
All that we are witnessing is leading us to an understanding that we do not control our lives. GOD does. And when societies collapse there is only one hope for moral law which has the power to rightly rule immoral people.

There is hope for those who believe Christ and will cry out for the salvation of their soul. We may not be delivered from out of harm’s way. But it is very clear in Scripture that the one true GOD Jesus Christ will save those who believe, and should it be GOD’s provident purpose these people will build again the nations.

Email this blog to everyone you know. There may not be much time left before everything changes. These people must be made to think. Some will believe and this is why we do what we do!

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