Brannon Howse’s Commentary on the Religious Right Movement

Topic: Brannon plays audio clips of nationally known politicians that for some reason are not embarrassed to be in spiritual services with people like Lou Engle. What does this say about today’s New Religious Right politicians that they will embrace religious personalities that years ago they would surely have been embarrassed to be seen with? Topic: Brannon plays a sound clip of the late Jerry Falwell declaring the three prong approach of the religious right that might explain why the religious right was guaranteed failure from its inception and guarantee that many Christians would embrace people like Lou Engle, Glenn Beck, Cindy Jacobs, and Mike Bickle. Topic: Pat Robertson’s Operation Blessing hooks up with Glenn Beck’s spiritual rally. Topic: A talk radio station in Little Rock is dropping Glenn Beck and the reason being reported is that he has been mixing in too much of his religious beliefs into his program. Topic: September 29th is “America for Jesus” and it will include the normal bunch of New Apostolic Reformation, Word of Faith and New Religious Right trying once again to get God’s attention through a prayer rally. God is not listening to the prayers of unbelievers and false teachers asking for success in their dominion theology based activism? Topic: We take lots of your calls on what you think will be the long term impact of pastors and Christian leaders like David Jeremiah, Tony Evans, and Ravi Zacharias taking part in a spiritual enterprise that included Word of Faith proponents, Catholics, and Glenn Beck.

Brannon Howse’s Commentary on the Religious Right Movement


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