Brannon Howse’s Commentary on “The Under God Indivisible Conference”

“Hear the audio clips of Glenn Beck’s spiritual message at the Under God Indivisible conference in Dallas on July 27th. The website boasted confirmed speakers as Tony Evans, David Jeremiah, Ravi Zacharias, Kenneth Copeland, Richard Land, a few catholic priests and others. Hear Beck as he tells these pastors how great they are for standing with him a “Mormon”. Beck then speaks of the rapture, “the Lord is coming and he is our father in heaven.” So now these evangelicals and Beck follow the same God? The LDS church teaches that the Mormon God was a man of flesh and bone that evolved to become God. Beck then spoke of his accepting Jesus and “the atonement”. What do these terms mean in Mormon theology? Beck says that “America is necessary for his [God’s] work to be done.” Brannon explains how the Mormon Church is supposed to be the outpost for the global LDS church and that Jesus will return to Independence, Missouri and set up his kingdom there in the New Jerusalem. Could this be why Beck, a Mormon, might believe God needs him and his followers to save America? What will this past weekend’s events lay the foundation for in the coming months? How many non-Christians are really confused after these “evangelicals” united in this latest spiritual enterprise with Glenn Beck? How many Mormons now believe that their religion must be acceptable if so many “evangelical” leaders are willing to declare with their participation that Mormons and Christians worship the same God?” ~ Brannon Howse

The Under God Indivisible Conference


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