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Putting a new gun control law into place in Aurora, Colorado in hopes of preventing another “The Dark Knight Rises” massacre isn’t the solution to violence in the U.S. according to past legislation by Colorado lawmakers.

In fact, police say that the Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes didn’t even have a criminal history or violent streak prior to the June 20 shootout now claiming news headlines.

And that’s important, since a lack of a past violent nature indicates that James Holmes would not have been stopped by an additional gun control law anyway.

The former San Diego resident obeyed the gun laws that were in place (or manipulated them to his benefit), like not buying all three weapons within one day or week, or from a single store. So how would a new gun control law have thwarted him?

The suspect who took the lives of 12 would have found a gun to use if he wanted to kill innocent people badly enough, even if a gun law was in place to stop him. Just look how he booby trapped his own apartment.

Ron Tech, a former state senator told Bloomberg News that when a tragic shooting like this happens that “You get this fervor in people,” who want to ensure this type of tragedy doesn’t happen again. But it isn’t always possible to prevent tragedies.

The fact of the matter is that a gun control law can’t stop anyone from killing another person with a gun if they really want to. And WIBW reported as much, also saying that one of their news audience members tweeted that “Criminals and lunatics don’t obey gun laws” anyway.

It isn’t publicly known if the suspect suffered from a mental health condition, but no one in his past has referred to him as a lunatic or a criminal. In fact, it’s been just the opposite.

Proponents for gun laws, however, want to use the recent theater shooting in Colorado as a springboard to greater gun control laws, but Politico reported that a recent Gallup Poll shows that 73 percent of Americans would not support such a gun ban.

So while Americans passionately denounce violent acts like that in Aurora, Colorado and the Columbine High School shooting, they also realize that these violent acts were perpetrated by individuals who had society fooled to some degree.

Therefore, making the gun laws stricter will not stop such a person from getting a weapon some other way to kill the innocent; it will just help keep weapons out of the hands of the innocent, who may need them to defend themselves.

The current laws in place that monitor and provide oversight of gun purchases is still needed and justified even if new gun laws are not. But there is such a thing as having unrealistic expectations of what a gun control law can do when it comes to crimes and acts of violence. And thinking a new gun law can stop what happened in Colorado is unrealistic.

Criminals with guns in their possession illegally don’t have to obey any gun control laws or jump through any hoops at gun stores in order to gain access to a weapon, as the WIBW reader pointed out. And those illegal weapons would have been available to Holmes if a legal gun had not been, so having more gun laws isn’t the solution.

And thankfully the police, who were armed and ready outside the Century Theater in Aurora, had their weapons ready when the suspect attempted to flee the premises. And notice he didn’t try to shoot it out with those armed like him. And that speaks volumes about the need to keep the rest of America armed too.

One thought on “Gun control laws and ‘Dark Knight Rises’ shooter, criminals and lunatics – Atlanta Crime |

  1. Excellent article. I’d also like to note that our government is willing to put guns in the hands of criminals (a la fast and furious). Until people understand the effects of sin and repent, we will always have tragedies until He returns…before guns mass killings still took place – people need to read history and notice all the killings, whole towns slaughtered, whole armies of 80,000 + killed, before there were even any guns…guns are not the problem – sinful depraved people are.

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