Girl Scouts, Planned Parenthood still denying link (

An Indiana House member is taking heat for refusing to vote for a resolution honoring the Girl Scouts, doing so because of the organization’s relationship with Planned Parenthood.

Both the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood have dismissed Rep. Bob Morris‘ (R) concerns as baseless. But Mike Fichter of Indiana Right to Life tells OneNewsNow neither organization should have been so fast with the denials.

“We found on the city of Bloomington, Indiana’s own website a report from 2009 that indicates that a Planned Parenthood [health and] sexuality educator was actually instrumental in initiating a Girl Scouts program in a 12-county area around Bloomington that is targeted for girls as young as five years old,” Fichter reports.

IndianaHe suggests the flap over the connection in Indiana and the denial from the two groups just elevates the debate to a new level.

“I think what it points to is the need for all parents who have girls involved with Girl Scouts to really get involved with the local council, ask if there are any local relationships with Planned Parenthood, and really due diligence to make sure that what we see, for example, has happened in Bloomington is not happening in your local community,” the pro-lifer urges.

Planned Parenthood is the biggest abortion-provider in the country, and critics like the American Life League say its sex-education program promotes promiscuity and the normalization of lesbianism. There are Christian-based alternatives, such as American Heritage Girls, that do neither.


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