Cindy Trimm: Prophetess of Power or Diva of Deception?

It’s as of she came from nowhere! She’s taken the Christian world by storm with her insightful messages, her powerful decrees, and amazing stage presence. Her ministry includes the Trimm Foundation, a worldwide effort that feeds and clothes families as well as providing free health services, wellness education, and expert medical attention to families living in inner city communities. On the educational front she has erected Trimm University, which provides biblical insight on such subject as Understanding the Kingdom, Prayer and Spiritual Warfare, Prophets and Prophecy, Kingdom Economics and Biblical Finance. There is no doubt that Mrs. Trimm is a force to be reckoned with if not a force herself. But like most of the Word of Faith teachers Cindy Trimm’s exegetical skills leave something to be desired.

It is so very easy to be swept away by the charisma and confidence that this dynamic speaker has, it becomes almost  irrelevant to examine her teaching with a critical and watchful eye.

  Exhibit”A” listen to this clip as an example of what she calls “Atomic Prayer.”

Now I must admit that the outward appearance looks and sounds good right? But one must ask the question is there a biblical precedence for prayer formulas or patterns? With the immense popularity of “The Prayer of Jabez” found in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 has opened the door for the  type of bible teaching that Trimm and others like her pursue that says ” I can have what I say” and all that is needed is to decree what has been spoken in scripture. This type of teaching propagated by Trimm and many others makes men into Gods and makes God into a genie in a bottle.  I will continue in my discourse on Prophetess Trimm and others like her to discover if her methods are in fact true or false….that is the question!


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