Registration & Admission Revoked

Chris Rosebrough’s registration to the “Elephant Room 2″conference was revoked, without explanation, when he showed up at the conference. Chris paid his registration fee in order to attend James McDonald’s Elephant Room 2 but was met at the door and told to leave or he would be arrested.

The “Elephant Room 2″ is a highly publicized event in the Christian community. Rosebrough is a Christian reporter who went to the conference to watch and report on the event.

The last event was noted for it’s heretically ecumenical approach to discussions. However, this second conference is more secretive than the last. Therefore, it should be of no surprise to see the use of secrecy increase within these ecumenical meetings.

For more information on this latest incident at the “Elephant Room 2″, click on the provided link entitled “WORLDVIEW WEEKEND RADIO WITH BRANNON HOWSE“.


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