Proposed UN Small Arms Treaty; Pushed by Hillary Clinton – The Daily Bell

The greatest gun grab in world history is in the midst of debate in the UN and is being pushed by Obama, Holder, Clinton, and all of Obama’s Czars. Citizens of the United States, in fact citizens around the world, deserve to know what this treaty, if ratified by the Senate, would mean to Americans. Here is a brief synopsis:

• If ratified by the Senate the treaty would void the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

• The Treaty would violate the Tenth Amendment transferring and federalizing gun ownership, regulation and licensing nationally.

• Require the establishment of a national data bank (federal) of all gun owners.

• Ban the sale, transportation and trade of all semi-automatic guns that have been in use since the 1890s.

• Confiscate all “UNAUTHORIZED” (a word not defined in the document) civilian firearms.

• Require a federal license for the purchase and ownership of any gun.

The fact is that were this treaty to be ratified it would fundamentally change America, giving it the appearance of Australia and England where gun ownership is restricted and crime statistically has risen drastically since their gun bans. England has clearly demonstrated the failure of this during the recent riots in which merchants were unable to defend their property, which the police were unable to do.

The argument by proponents of this treaty is to stop the unauthorized sales of guns across international boundaries that they claim are arming criminals and terrorists and leading to gun violence. In order to bolster that argument, Eric Holder and the US Department of Justice engaged the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) to set up operation FAST & FURIOUS in which thousands of small arms were sold across the Mexican border, supplying the Mexican drug cartels with weapons. This was done with strong opposition by FFL licensees (gun dealers) who were in some instances told that their licenses would be reviewed if they did not cooperate with Fast and Furious. Over a dozen murders and the deaths of two federal agents are directly linked to Fast & Furious, which is now under review by congress.

The largest volume of small arms flooding the world markets are produced in China, the old Soviet republics, Israel, France and the United States. Since governments make all these sales, the treaty, which only regulates small arm sales to the private sector and to individual owners, will have no effect at all in the international arms bazaar. This treaty represents the elites’ final move to disable people’s resistance to the New World Order, something that they have been setting up for many decades.

For eons the global elite have had their eyes on everything that they desire to control. There appears to be nothing off the table. From arms for self-protection, to the seabed, the air, the climate, everything must be controlled by the power hungry elites. After all, we are far too stupid to fend for ourselves. Well, with what they have accomplished in the realm of education, bringing America from fourth in the world to 34th in just 30 years, you can gain understanding of their position. The nanny-state must protect you from your fellow citizens.

Well, not really. The enemy, as demonstrated in the immediate past, has not been our fellow citizens but in most cases their governments. Considering that in the 20th Century governments killed more people than all the wars including WWI and WWII, one can gain an understanding of the issue. In the Soviet empire alone from 1919 to its end over 200 million were killed, in China during the “Great Leap Forward” (Cultural Revolution) over 100 million were killed, in Germany and Italy perhaps ten million were killed. Frankly and honestly ,I would much rather trust my neighbor or even a stranger with a gun than any government agent.

This proposal, and let’s hope that’s all it will ever be, is the most massive attempt to control humanity undertaken since the beginning of recorded history. We have been told by no less an expert than Hillary Clinton that this is a fight against terrorism, insurgency, and international crime syndicates. It is in fact none of those. The world is awash with small arms, 98% of which were provided by or sold by governments. The control and/or elimination of private ownership of firearms will have zero effect on any of the aforementioned issues.

Let’s make this abundantly clear. The Taliban, since the NATO incursion, facilitates the production of heroin, making Afghanistan the number one supplier of illicit drugs in the world. Before the NATO incursion into their country the Taliban had eliminated heroin production. They reinstated it to produce money to buy guns and munitions. Almost all guns of the Taliban are AK-47s and various versions of Kalashnikovs produced in China, Bulgaria, Russia and almost all of the old Soviet satellites. Other weapons used by the Taliban are American made, which they got from Afghan army deserters and theft. On our side of the pond the largest supplier of small arms in the past ten years to the Mexican drug cartels has been the BATF through operation Fast and Furious. France has supplied the Libyan rebels and when confronted by the gun-grabbers in Europe, the French government stated that they were not directly supplying the rebels but had no objection if other states in the Middle East supplied them with French arms.

On the Israel front, the Israelis have a long history of supplying their Lebanese Christian militias with arms and amendments and in fact using those militias as a surrogate captive army to destabilize Lebanon. The Israelis have also acted as intermediaries in small arms supplies to Central America, South America, various places in the Middle East, and in fact any place they can turn a shekel.

So the entire red herring of the proposed UN treaty on small arms is nothing but a veiled effort to establish world domination by removing the most obvious impediment to centralized control, the small arm.

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