Attorney: ‘Gender liberation’ to spread (

A Texas-based attorney says he’s concerned about a push from gender confusion smallCalifornia’s largest teachers union to implement “gender liberation” in schools.

Advocates for Faith & Freedom, a California-based legal group dedicated to protecting religious liberty in the courts, says the next push from the state’s “gay” activists will be to encourage “gender liberation” in the public school system. The movement reportedly seeks to eliminate “male-female distinctions” in an effort to remove and free children from what they call “unnecessary stereotypes.”

“I think this is the next frontier of the movement,” warns Matt Krause, litigation counsel for Liberty Counsel. “Not only are there not genders anymore, but it’s almost even a daily thing —  how you’re feeling one day, how you’re feeling the next day, and nobody has the right to tell you that you shouldn’t feel like that.”

Matthew Krause (Liberty Counsel)The California Teachers Association, which is the state’s largest teachers union, gathered for its third annual Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Conference in October. Titled “Pride in Education,” the seminar addressed the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, “gay bullying,” and SB 48 — a new state law that mandates positive teachings of LGBT contributions.

But Krause is convinced homosexual activists will not stop with California.

“Women going to the restroom might find a man in there just because he feels like a woman or identifies more as a woman,” he poses. “If you go to a locker room at a health club or something of that nature, you could see a person of the opposite sex in the changing rooms, in the showering rooms, just because that’s where they feel more comfortable.”

Advocates for Faith & Freedom agrees that “gender liberation” will be the term used to describe the “tidal wave” that will “spread throughout the nation and have disastrous consequences on the innocent.”


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