United Socialist States of America 2012

Despite the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall, Communism is alive and well in the most unlikely places. It’s thriving in the hearts and minds of blind Party loyalists today. Most of them are unaware that blind Party loyalty is the core design of Communism. It’s the means by which people are driven to look past truth, common sense and personal thought, and walk the line of collective thought.

You first need to understand the basic history and ideology behind communism. In short, it is the union philosophy, collective bargaining practices applied to everyday life, instead of just at the workplace. The idea that all men have the same economic worth, regardless of individual ambition, work habits, contribution, or choices, a Right to the same results, regardless of the differences in their efforts.


President Barack Obama cast the national debate and developing 2012 presidential campaign as a battle between two visions of the economy, government and society.

One, he said, favors survival of the fittest and trusts markets to make life better. The other, he said, asks everyone to help one another, often through government.

“The free market is the greatest force for economic progress in human history. It’s led to a prosperity and standard of living unmatched by the rest of the world,” Obama told an audience of about 1,200 in a high school gym.

“But…the free market has never been a free license to take whatever you want from whoever you can. It only works when there are rules of the road to ensure that competition is fair, and open, and honest.”

He added, “We are greater together when everyone engages in fair play, everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share.”

Obama made the remarks in an hour-long speech in the same small Kansas town where Theodore Roosevelt in 1910 laid out his vision for a “new nationalism” in which a newly active government marshaled laws and taxes to help the working poor and pressured the rich to use their wealth for the good of society, particularly through higher taxes.

“For this, Roosevelt was called a radical, he was called a socialist, even a communist,” said Obama, who’s been called many of the same things. The President’s “New Nationalism” speech was a peek at the future plans he has for America. It is a look at the brave new world of socialism once again in America.

The American people need to understand that our nations division is no accident. It was systematically designed, diligently deployed, as a means of eliminating individuals and creating voting blocks instead. Voting blocks that could be manipulated into casting certain votes for narrow reasoning, groups pitted against one another, in order to cause single issue voting, an electorate that could be swayed by policy promises geared towards the ideals of the voting blocks.

The system has been brilliantly employed. So much so, that today, we are more divided and fragmented than ever before in history. No amount of evidence seems to sway people’s opinions either. It’s almost a Jim Jones style grip that this ideology has on people. Most search only for facts that support what they choose to believe.

It’s easy enough to document the agenda of a George Soros, (who is attempting to buy the Whitehouse for John Kerry), and his hatred for America’s world power. It’s easy enough to debunk the rantings and misleading statements of a Michael Moore or a liberal media. But blind Party loyalists won’t hear the message, despite a mountain of evidence. Even conservatives now find themselves cornered into pandering in order to just slow the tide.

This presents the largest threat to America, more so than all the world terrorists combined. Party loyalists need to realize that loyalty to country, honor, truth and American principles are of greater value. Partisans need to understand that it does not matter who gets the credit, as long as the right thing gets accomplished. Who gets the blame won’t matter either, if we don’t turn this trend around. We need to face the fact that our forefathers had it right and that we are about to relive the mistakes of centuries past.

Here is the problem with the socialist government model and the case for voting Obama out in 2012. The  real cause for the fall of communism/socialism around the globe is that no communist country has ever been able to feed itself long term, ultimately collapsing under the weight of its own lack of productivity which always results in a lack of resources.

Socialism also collapsed because of its failure to operate under a competitive, profit-and-loss system of accounting. A profit system is an effective monitoring mechanism which continually evaluates the economic performance of every business enterprise. The firms that are the most efficient and most successful at serving the public interest are rewarded with profits. Firms that operate inefficiently and fail to serve the public interest are penalized with losses.

By rewarding success and penalizing failure, the profit system provides a strong disciplinary mechanism which continually redirects resources away from weak, failing, and inefficient firms toward those firms which are the most efficient and successful at serving the public. A competitive profit system ensures a constant reoptimization of resources and moves the economy toward greater levels of efficiency. Unsuccessful firms cannot escape the strong discipline of the marketplace under a profit/loss system. Competition forces companies to serve the public interest or suffer the consequences.

Under central planning, there is no profit-and-loss system of accounting to accurately measure the success or failure of various programs. Without profits, there is no way to discipline firms that fail to serve the public interest and no way to reward firms that do. There is no efficient way to determine which programs should be expanded and which ones should be contracted or terminated.

Without competition, centrally planned economies do not have an effective incentive structure to coordinate economic activity. Without incentives the results are a spiraling cycle of poverty and misery. Instead of continually reallocating resources towards greater efficiency, socialism falls into a vortex of inefficiency and failure.

In the end capitulating to the endless democratic propaganda machine and voting for the Obama regime next year world would change the USA into this:


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