In Defense of C.S. Lewis (and assorted attacks on sound biblical teaching)


I was so blessed to post the first story Why Do We Love C.S. Lewis and Hate Rob Bell?   by our new blogger Mr. Brian Feaster a brother in Christ and speaker of truth. After a quick editorial review of his post, I confidently posted Brian’s story and am in complete agreement with the substance of his posting. There then came a scathing Facebook response that was quite critical of C.S. Lewis that challenged his beliefs and in fact his claim of Christianity. Being the truth seeker that I am I decided to do some research to verify the claim that CS Lewis was in fact a  a “neo-pagan who denied many of the essential Christian doctrines whose ‘faith’ was far more akin to Romanism, than Biblical Christianity.” I believe that such an attack on a man held by many as a devout Christian and true man of God, is an example of how true Christianity is under attack from within and without the Christian camp.

First in order to substantiate the validity of any claim you must first consider the source. The reader Cited and as sources for the allegations that Lewis was in fact not a Christian and acted in some heretical fashion. My investigation of these sites uncovered some interesting facts that should be taken into consideration when rendering a verdict on C.S. Lewis and any other proclaimed bible teacher.

Jesus is savior while being a wealth of information in regard to cults, false doctrine, false teaching and religions it also noted a couple of interesting assertions. They hold that the 1611 King James Bible is the only translation that get it right, that bible teacher John Mac Arthur is a heretic because of his teaching on “Lordship Salvation” and “the blood of Jesus”, they say that Calvinism  is unbiblical, and that 911 was an inside job. When it came to providing evidence to back it’s claim against Mac Arthur and C.S. Lewis a bunch of out of context statements and personal opinions were all that could be found. Not to mention the fact that none of the issues that the site raises against Lewis or Mac Arthur are considered essential tenets of the faith that would disqualify one from being a believer. The site also advances the argument that repentance (turning form sin) is not central to Christianity. In my opinion this site great in it’s overall focus on truth and accuracy in regard to the bible but at the same time fails in it attempts to classify certain teachings as unbiblical. It seems to be quote opinionated on several non essential doctrines.  In no way should thier information be accepted fully as the complete truth in all areas. Discernment is needed when gleaning in this field. appears to be a composite blog with several Anglo Catholic priests as it’s authors. The blog entry on C.S. Lewis entitled C.S. Lewis and Roman Catholicism attacks Protestantism making the statement “There is no such thing established by God as the Protestant Church” and further says “Anglicans who are truly learned about their own patrimony have much in common with Roman Catholics and the Orthodox that we do not have in common with even the most sincere and faithful of Protestants. Above all, we have a valid Apostolic Succession and Eucharistic theology.” Not to mention the fact that Apostolic Succession and Eucharist theology are non biblical doctrines created by the Catholic Church it leaves one to wonder what other doctrines and positions held by these priests are to be trusted?

In regard to C.S. Lewis himself this blog espouses Lewis’ belief as an Anglican while at the same time omitting Lewis’ non denominational yet biblical views in many of his writings.  Therefore it is my position that as he identified with the Anglican church C.S. Lewis held a much more biblical in the writing which we now have of him. I also hold that laying claim to one denomination or another is not the sum total of ones belief. In summary the complete context of Lewis’ writings convey a more biblical position than his Anglican proclamation. You cannot build a non biblical case against him with biblical evidence in your hand, it simply won’t work.

As to the final source given in this attack against C.S. Lewis, this is a letter to University of Florida Professor Corbin Carnell in which he is expressing his “opinion” on the story of Jonah in the belly of the whale. In it he says “The point is that the whole Book of Jonah has to me the air of being a moral romance, a quite different kind of thing from, say, the account of King David or the New Testament narratives, not pegged, like them, into any historical situation.” He goes on to say “How does a denial, a doubt, of their historicity lead logically to a similar denial of New Testament miracles? Supposing (as I think is the case), that sound critical reading revealed different kinds of narrative in the Bible, surely it would be illogical to suppose that these different kinds should all be read in the same way?”

This is used as evidence by the Facebook attacker to make the point that C.S. Lewis was  a “neo-pagan who denied many of the essential Christian doctrines…his ‘faith’ was far more akin to Romanism, than Biblical Christianity.” After examining the article posted by Mr. Feaster as well as the sources given by the Facebook poster against C.S. Lewis here is what I conclude:


1) The Facebook poster took issue with a well respected and accepted apologist C.S. Lewis while not uttering one word about a known heretic mentioned in the article, Rob Bell who has been condemned in modern evangelical circles.

2) Using the sources given by the Facebook poster I can find no credible or solid evidence that would make C.S. Lewis either a neo pagan or other wise. If credible evidence to these charges exists I have yet to see it or hear of it.

3)The expression of an opinion on a non essential issue does not make one a heretic. Lewis’ opinion on the story of Jonah as an allegory is of no consequence because it does not violate any of the central tenants of the Christian faith. Had he made a case against the Nature of Christ, Justification by faith, or the Trinity the case of “neo paganism” could be made against him.


In the past few years I have seen the rise of attacks on the faith such as I have never seen before. I believe much of it is out of ignorance but I also believe that there does exist within Christianity a poison that seeks to turn the truth of the glorious gospel into a pagan lie. I believe that in an effort to make Christianity “palatable” and “compatible” with the world, bible teachers and scholars alike are compromising the truth of the gospel in the name of evangelism. An attempt to smear true men of God and exalt imposers is a plan of Satan to make inroads into the church and corrupt the message and simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel must not be tainted, altered or compromised. It must be proclaimed freely and with conviction. Then and only then will a souls be moved by the Holy Spirit to bow his knee to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords Jesus Christ! Be mindful of those who attempt to paint the true servants of God as “not authentic. The totality of their message will reveal their heart and show forth the truthfulness of their message. Know the truth so that when a lie comes along it is easily recognizable. Seek truth and it will revael itself. Repel deception and lies will flee from you.

Stand Up, Speak Up, & Do The Work






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