LGBT-friendly policy turning customers off (

Another Macy’s store is reportedly permitting men to use women’s dressing rooms — and in the process, says Mat Staver, the retailer is alienating a lot of its customer base.

The problem first surfaced when a Macy’s employee in San Antonio, Texas, was fired after telling a cross-dresser he could not use the women’s dressing room to try on apparel. The employee had pointed out to management the consequences of a policy that affirms the lesbian, “gay,” bisexual, transgender (LGBT) lifestyle.

Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, now tells OneNewsNow that an employee of another store has told him she has persistent problems keeping men out of the women’s fitting room.

Matt Staver“She says that mothers of young daughters come up to her periodically and ask her to keep the men from going into the women’s fitting rooms,” the attorney reports. “So this apparently is a pervasive problem within the Macy’s store system.”

Macy’s has an LGBT-friendly policy that allows men to use women’s rooms, as Staver has told OneNewsNow before — and he suggests that poses a danger for any woman or girl using them.

“This policy has put at risk every woman shopper who enters one of these rooms,” he states in a press release. “While attempting to cater to a radical LGBT agenda, Macy’s has alienated almost the entirety of its customer base.

According to Liberty Counsel, the public is reacting.

“Consistently the people of America are saying that they will not shop at Macy’s,” explains Staver. “They’re tearing up their Macy’s credit cards, they’re sending back their Macy’s gift cards, they say that they will not shop at Macy’s — and this is a consistent response that we’re seeing from the public around the country.”

The Liberty Counsel founder says customers are “literally outraged and shocked” at Macy’s policy.

When the employee was fired for objecting to the policy in San Antonio, OneNewsNow contacted Macy’s. The retailer declined to comment except to say that the firm appreciates the diversity of its customers and associates.


3 thoughts on “LGBT-friendly policy turning customers off (

  1. Actually, I work in a department store (not Macy’s) and if an individual demands to use an opposite-sex dressing room if simply for convenience, we are obliged to let them. So this issue really isn’t a big deal or anything new. Not only that, but other stores, such as Marshall’s, don’t even have designated men and women dressing rooms. On a side note — I’m also confused why gay in the first paragraph is in quotations and none of the other sexual preferences are. Just a little strange.

    • I don’t find it “convenient” to let a “man/woman” in a woman’s dressing room with other real women that is what’s strange! While our society is busy bowing down to the LGBT agenda they should consider things like gender neutral bathrooms and dressing rooms. That way the rest of us are not inconvenienced. BTW why is everybody so sensitive about the word “gay?” I don’t understand why stating a fact or the truth is so offensive to people. We have become such a nit picky, oversensitive society that anytime anybody says anything remotely close to truth people are up in arms! Some people need to get thick skin so that every little thing is not offensive. Truth is truth…deal with it! Why would you take issue with that?

      • You totally misunderstood my comment. First, I meant if a straight man — not transsexual or a “man/woman” — wanted to use a women’s changing room because it was out of convenience (say the women’s was closer) we are obliged to as employees of the department store. You will find nearly all stores are like this. Furthermore, there are certain stores where there aren’t even designated male/female and every dresses in the same area, so why should this even be an issue where this already happens? Also, I’m not sensitive to the word “gay” — again, you totally misconstrued my point. I was asking why the word itself was used — gay people refer to themselves as gay. What I said was I was confused why gay was In quotations (“gay”) and lesbian, bisexual, transgender weren’t. It was weird, that’s all. If you put one in quotations, all should be, if only for the sake of good grammar.

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