P P S I M M O N S: Obama Campaign Email Promotes Communism – Slams Exceptionalism

The most recent email from the Obama Campaign headquarters is promoting Barack’sspeech in Osawatomie, Kansas; the highlights of which have been posted on youtube. The email comes from Jim Messina Campaign Manager – Obama for America. Guess they’re taking a break from selling meetings with the POTUS and his woman for a while (see our list of blog posts for more on that).

Messina quotes the President who said “This country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, and when everyone plays by the same rules“. This entire sentence is code for redistribution of everything – talent, treasure, time – everything. Don’t forget the words of Hillary Clinton who famously said “we (liberals) want to take from those who have and give to those who don’t have for the sake of the common good” – a direct quote from Karl Marx whether she knew it or not. This is communism, folks, plain and simple. It is cleverly presented as care and compassion but it offers no lasting resolution and only serves to turn politicians into masters who have the power to take rather than to serve.

The email from Messina goes on to attack the most productive among us – the most successful. Channeling Obama, Messina slams the “millionaires and billionaires” who already pay the vast majority of the tax burden and should be hailed as the example – not the villain.

Obama’s camp isn’t offering any lasting (or even valuable) solution at all to anyone’s problems. He has stood in the way of innovation and productivity which could have lifted many Americans out of poverty while labeling innovators as bad guys. Wall Street is a public arena where capital is freed up when a business goes public so that innovation can thrive through private financing by people who see value in American ingenuity. Without Wall Street American ideas would often die without funding. Yet the email from the Obama Campaign HQ attacks Wall Street by name.

The end goal here seems obvious to those of us who passed on the koolaid. The Democrats want to run it all – to be the heads of the collective – the commune. The end goal here is Communism folks. If Obama gets re-elected the line will have been crossed. Canada’s starting to look pretty good now, eh?

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