‘US army: Iran is in possession of our s… JPost – International

Iran on Sunday said that its military had downed the drone in an eastern province. Shortly after those Iranian reports, a NATO official said that the drone may have been one that went missing during a mission in Afghanistan the week before.

The Iranian and US reports differ over whether Iran had managed to take down the top-secret spy aircraft, and in what condition the Iranian army found that grounded jet. 

The incident comes at a time when Tehran is trying to contain foreign outrage at the storming of the British embassy on Tuesday, after London announced sanctions on Iran’s central bank in connection with Iran’s nuclear enrichment program.

Iran has announced several times in the past that it shot down US, Israeli or British drones, in incidents that did not provoke high-profile responses.

Also on Monday, British newspaper the Telegraph reported that the Revolutionary Guard was raising its preparedness for war fearing a strike after mounting international pressure, and a number of mysterious explosions that rocked different cities in the country.

Western intelligence officials said that Iran was deploying artillery and guards to key defensive points, as well as arranging “long-range missiles” and “high explosives” fearing a potential attack, according to the Telegraph


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