The Rise and Fall of Socialism

If you value freedom please view this entire series on the history of Socialism.


17 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of Socialism

  1. Before I start I want to be clear: I am not a socialist. Now having said that, there are some points on the graph that are incorrect. Socialism does not reward laziness nor does it aim to promote it. Likewise, it does not want a large welfare system. I think everyone can agree that would only he a detriment to society, socialists included. Socialism also does not purport collective ownership. That is only communism.

      • You must be a liberal. Only liberals try to make people believe something doesn’t exist even though the evidence is clear. I’d say let’s agree to disagree…okay?

      • I did look at it…equal rights for women, abolition and preschools oh no! This has nothing to do with the “terrors of socialism.” The video doesn’t even give a clear definition of it, at least not a definition coinciding with the graph above it. People often confuse communism and socialism as the same thing and they aren’t. Secondly, I’m offended you attack me as being a liberal. I’m not actually, I’m a moderate and don’t believe in extremism of any kind. Even if I was liberal, so what? To clump all liberals together as “making people believe something” is unfair and narrow minded. Plus it’s not true. Maybe some liberals do that, but so do some conservatives. I’d be fine to agree to disagree, but you are being unfair in your sweeping categorization of liberals.

  2. The video was a presentation of the truth. History doesn’t lie. Whether you accept it or not doesn’t change facts. And if you think it won’t happen again you are sadly mistaken. History is simply repeating itself.

    • I don’t see now that has anything to do at all with what I said…also, did you never hear the adage “history depends on who’s telling it?”

      • So how would you tell the history of socialism? How about Lennon and Stalin? Great guys? What about Mao? How about Hitler? What’s nit accurate about the info in the video?

      • Of course they’re not great guys. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m just stating an often cited phrase that any history professor will tell you.

  3. Likewise, I’m nit stating that socialism is the way to go. I was just saying that some of the points on the graph aren’t entirely accurate

    • If you like at my first comment, I stated which points are inaccurate. That was the whole point of my original post. Socialism does not promote laziness, a large welfare system (I think everyone can agree that can only do harm to a society) and it does not promote “collective ownership.” Communism is all about collective ownership, socialism not so much.

      • I’m going to disagree with you for the last time on this issue. Thanks for your comments and I hope you continue to do so.

        Thanks Again, Juggernaut

  4. How the devil can you call Hitler a socialist? Are you insane? Hitler was a fascist an ultra right-wing asshole. And Stalin was just a convicted bank robber, the differences between Lenin and Stalin are that Lenin was an author, a philosopher, and an economist. Stalin was just an idiotic radical prick of a human being, same with Mao. I’m not a socialist either, but you need some common sense, and when you write an article you can’t be biased; my comment is biased because I’m just pissed off with your ignorance.

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