Planned Parenthood Closes 12 Clinics After Texas De-Funding – Abortion – Fox Nation




By Elizabeth Graham | Austin, TX | | 11/4/11 10:25 AM

A new confirmed total of 12 Planned Parenthood facilities have been shut down in Texas since the end of the 82ndlegislative special session, which dealt the abortion industry a $64.2 million blow.

Without government funding, Planned Parenthood facilities are withering on the vine.  New funding priorities set by the legislature detail that any facility associated with the abortion industry is given the lowest priority for family planning funds.  As a result, three Planned Parenthood affiliates have been forced to close several of their facilities in order to reduce operating costs.
Each closing is a victory for women and for the unborn.


12 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Closes 12 Clinics After Texas De-Funding – Abortion – Fox Nation

    • It’s not really about victory for women it’s about victory for the unborn children who are murdered everyday in America not because of any other reason than the mother didn’t want it!

  1. Well the article states it’s a victory for women, that’s why I said that. Also, not all abortions performed are because the mother “just didn’t want it.”

  2. Where are you getting that number from? Regardless, it’s never a simple or easy decision for a woman to end a pregnancy, so it’s not really a simple matter or a woman just not wanting one, that’s all I meant.

    • If you do some research you’ll see that my numbers are pretty accurate. Abortion on demand for non medical reasons is extremely high in America and the UK!

      • Ever think your data may be biased? Certainly will have a bias. Again, regardless of any of that, it is never an easy or simple decision.

      • And it shouldn’t be an easy decision. It’s the taking of a defenseless life! There is simply no way to justify the taking of a babies life in the womb which is supposed to be the safest place in the world for a baby! Please don’t miss understand me but there are alternatives to abortion. We need to stop the senseless killings of millions of innocent babies that are conceived in a moment of irresponsible passion by the father and the mother. By the way…why does no one ever speak of the rights of the father in these discussions about abortion? What about the fathers right to choose?

      • As for the father comment, I agree that is never mentioned in these debates but it’s probably because the biologically and evolutionary-speaking, the female has more invested in a pregnancy than a male does. Therefore, it stands to reason that the decision rests more heavily on the female. Having said that, the father should have a say, but since it is the woman’s body, it’s ultimately up to her and not the man.

  3. Also, I’m not trying to start anything, going back to my original comment I was just curious how this could be a victory for women. Sure, I see how it is for the unborn, but not really for women.

  4. Bottom line is this stop having unprotected and or pre marital sex and your chances of having an unwanted pregnancy diminish dramatically. finish this statement for me…”it is okay to kill a baby in the womb when….. Can you please answer that?

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