Controversial pro-life sign banned from being a billboard : News :

Planned Parenthood also says it’s not fair to judge someone in the past by today’s standards.

“We hold up Thomas Jefferson as one of our founding fathers, the author of the Declaration. He owned slaves, and he was talking about the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” says Cooper.

Pro-life supporters say Planned Parenthood is trying to cover for Sanger.

“They have never, in all of these years, never refuted her quotes. They’re tried to find lots of excuses for why she made those quotes, but they’ve never refuted it,” says Climer.

Cooper says Sanger was embraced by the African-American community, “Margaret Sanger opened a family planning clinic, one of her first ones in Harlem in 1930. She was supported. She had a staff of black physicians, black social workers, it was supported by the Amsterdam News, which is the most powerful black newspaper and still is in the U.S.

Climer says they were duped into accepting what Sanger wanted.

What do you believe?


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