Girl Scouts open to everyone — even boys (




With the Girl Scouts recently caving to the wishes of a seven-year-old boy and his mother by allowing him to join a local troop of girls, a spokesperson for a Christian women’s organization is questioning the role of the child’s parents.


Initial reports revealed that Bobby Montoya could not join the girls’ group. The local troop leader told Montoya’s mother, Felisha Archuleta, that he could not join, regardless of how he feels, because he has “boy parts.” But apparently that worker was not familiar with the group’s policy, as the Girl Scouts have been working to support transgender children and their families. So Rachelle Trujillo of the Girl Scouts of Colorado decided that if a boy wants to live as a girl with his parents ‘approval, they would welcome him.

But Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America (CWA) does not think children should be allowed to call the shots.

Janice Crouse 2“You can imagine the fix that they’re in there in Colorado, when parents are clamoring for the publicity that will come to them if their child, who’s a boy, wants to get in the Girl Scouts because he thinks he’s a girl and they prevent him from doing it,” Crouse poses. “So we’ve become so politically correct that we’ve absolutely gone crazy.”


And she contends that children do not identify their sexuality until later, which brings attention to the parents’ role in this situation. “We need some wisdom out there, don’t we? It’s about time parents started being the parents and not letting the kids call the shots,” the CWA spokeswoman suggests.


She concludes that parents have tremendous influence over their children, so she wonders what role the parents have played in this situation.


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