Secular media’s hate of Christians (

The clearest answer comes from a statement reputedly made by President Harry Truman during his 1948 Presidential election campaign.

One of his supporters yelled out to him, “Give ‘em Hell, Harry!” Truman responded, “I don’t give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it’s Hell.”

That is precisely the reason why there is a war on Christians waged by members of the secular media.

Christians speak the truth about God’s best for humanity as it applies to morality, laws and governing principles, but the secular media views these truths as Hell.  Truth always feels like Hell to those who reject, deny, or hate the truth.

When Bible-believing Christians share that there is only one true God who is lovingly inviting people to believe in Him and receive His redemption, or face His coming judgment, that is Hell to those who view themselves as their own gods — masters of their own fates. Many of these self-made gods control our media.

As gods, they want no competition. They reject the truth that God is God alone and that He will hold them accountable for mocking Him and His followers. Thus, the truth is Hell to them, even before they get there. They express their hatred for God’s truth by heaping venom on anyone who declares God’s truth.

Bible-believing Christians proclaim the truth about the biblical principles that guided this nation’s founders. But those who are rewriting American history to fit their desire for self-worship want to silence them. Thus, whenever a Christian lovingly and thoughtfully points them to the truth of history, they hound them down, accusing them of “racism,” “hate speech,” and “bigotry.” Why?

Because truth to them is Hell, so they want to muzzle Christians and their message.

When Bible-believing Christians declare that there are moral absolutes that all men must live by, and that when these moral absolutes are tampered with curses and not blessings will follow…it really angers them. It sets their teeth on edge.

To them these truths are Hell, so they respond by likening Christians to the Taliban and the Jihadis…can you imagine?

The Christians who founded the hospital movement.

The Christians who founded the library movement.

The Christians who founded the orphanage movement.

The Christians who founded education.

The Christians who have and continue to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and care for the needy.

The Christians who sacrificed and continue to sacrifice in following the role model of their Savior who gave His all on a cross to save them. How can they say that Christians are likened to the Taliban?

The Taliban who shoot women in the head at close range in soccer stadiums.

The Taliban who bury people alive for their sins and misdemeanors.

The Taliban who stone women to death for mere accusations.

If I were a rich man, I would offer these self-worshipping gods of the secular media a six-month trip to Afghanistan or Iran. If they ever returned from such a trip, they would be changed men and women

My concern is that the very truth that can set them free is the truth they attack.  I know why they attack it — because it feels like Hell to them. It is condemning. However, my heart is not to condemn them, but to pray to God to open their blind eyes, just like He opened mine, so that they may see the truth before it is too late for them.

Michael Youssef, PhD is an Egyptian-born American and founding rector of The Church of The Apostles. His messages are broadcast 3,800 times a week into 200 countries through Leading The Way Ministries. He holds a PhD from Emory University in Social Anthropology. His blog: Follow on Twitter: @MichaelAYoussef. This column is printed with permission.


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5 thoughts on “Secular media’s hate of Christians (

  1. The above is a somewhat biased post. Although I am a lay minister in the Methodist Church,I worry when people talk of Christians as if they are the ones without sin. You have chosen examples very selectively. I agree there have been many fine Christians yet there have also been the nasty or stupid. If for example you had chosen Harold Camping or the Koran Burning Pastor nutter as your example of Bible believing Christians – or those who those who hate homosexuals, or those who show ignorance about science in their attempt to show evolution is impossible despite the evidence – or choose as your Christians the Crusaders who came back boasting of blood up to their bridles, or the witch burners, or those who conducted the Inquisition, or burnt the Bible translators, or massacred the Hugenots in France, or the Tutsi and Hutus (good Bible believing Christians) – or the Christian recently massacring Muslims in Yugoslavia…or the Roman Emperors who insisted on Christian conversion as an alternative to death, or those in the South of the US who used the Bible to defend slavery – or those who currently think it is OK to kill doctors at abortion clinics……then finding Muslims who are extremists might not seem so strange.
    In fact if you count the Muslims who have been killed by US troops who call themselves Chrisian and compare them with the number killed by suicide bombers or by Sharia law – I am afraid the statistics dont always go in one direction. Only three thousand were killed in the Twin Towers….small cheese compared with the number killed at George W Bush’s behest in Iraq which wasnt even the right country in that most of those who did the damage to the US came from the US Administration friends in Saudi Arabia. Dont forget the Red Crescent – the Muslim equivalent of the Red Cross – and the Muslim aid sent to disaster areas like the Japan Earthquake area. Most Muslims are peaceful… and given their huge numbers it is just as well.

  2. Surely pointing out that some self-claimed Christians are not Christian in their behaviour should not make someone an extremist. That is simply saying what the objective surveys show. As it happens I am against all forms of extremism including pretending all the goodies are like me in following the Bible and all the sinners are following a different faith. Pretending as you did above that all Muslims are extremist and bad – and that all who say they believe in the Bible are good is not only extremist, it is curiously ignorant of history. However if I am wrong in my expressed comments, instead of dismissing my comments by labelling me, why not tell me where I am wrong. Maybe I am wrong – and Pastor Jones is a model of tolerance, there was no massacre in Yugoslavia and Harold Camping was right that all the true Christians were going to heaven on 21 October. Hey we are both still here. What does that mean?

    • Why do you choose to pick all the negative points in history that discredits Christians while minimizing the negative history of Muslims? Would you say that Osama Bin Laden, or Saddam Hussein or Amajenidad are good Muslims? Do you support the evils of Sharia law? I do not support any person, religion or ideology that agrees with human right abuse or arbitrary termination of life. The peice I posted was an opinion I happen to agree with. The liberal media bias in this world is sickening! That’s why you must do your own homework to get the truth.

  3. It is merely that your article did the exact opposite suggesting you were one-eyed and unable to see the beam in your eye before attending to the moat in your enemy’s eye. You said there was no similarity between the Taliban and the Christian – seeing only good in the Christians and only bad in the Muslim. When I point out Christians too have their faults you tell me I am picking out the negative points on one side. Of course I am. After all you did exactly the same. That was my exact point. It is wrong to see only the bad in one side and shut your eyes to what others see in us. Surely even in the US they must be slightly aware that the Arab Spring is just as much about getting rid of Western influence as it is about obtaining more equitable rights and a form of democracy.. If it is wrong for me to point out the negatives in one side – why is it right for you? The main issue that I was trying to draw to your attention in that there is something of the sinner and the saint in all of us. I dont support all of the Muslim practice. I am appalled by suicide bombing and honour killing. But the Christian chequered history and lunatic rabid Muslim haters in the religious right shows us that a more humble approach is needed. Surely sending those we dislike to be tortured under the rendition scheme (which is what the US and Britain were doing up until very recently) is just as abhorrent as human rights abuses done by the Muslims. (Perhaps you should pay my site a visit for a more detailed discussion)

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