Mob of 50 Attack Christian Missionary for Praying Over Sick Child, Christian News


An Asian missionary supported by Gospel for Asia, a Christian ministry dedicated to sharing the message of Christ, was attacked by a mob of 50 people Thursday for praying over a sick child.

The missionary, Matthew Kishard, who serves as a pastor in a small village, was distributing Bible verses in a neighboring village when a family asked him to come and pray for their sick child, according to the Texas-based evangelical organization.

Kishard’s prayers were interrupted by a mob of people who appeared and began verbally attacking him. The crowd demanded to know why the missionary was trying to convert the village.

When Kishard explained that he was simply praying for a sick child, as was requested by the child’s family, the crowd attacked and one man began beating the pastor with his shoes.

Kishard’s experience is similar to that of Jennar Hedge, who is also a member of Gospel for Asia, and who was the victim of a violent beating by a mob as he attempted to spread the Gospel.

Hedge and his son had been journeying to a nearby village to lead a prayer meeting in the house of a fellow believer, when a neighbor of the believer, who had heard of the event, confronted the pastor as he arrived at the home.

The neighbor lashed out at Hedge for coming to the village for the purpose of sharing the Gospel and accused the pastor of forcing the people to convert to Christianity.

The irate man attacked Hedge and began beating the pastor until a group of believers came to Hedge’s rescue and pulled him to safety.

Gospel for Asia has reported that missionaries are persecuted regularly as they attempt to contact some of the hardest-to-reach areas with the Gospel.


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