Massacre of Christian Egyptians in Cairo Yesterday (warning: graphic photo) – Christian Newswire




Contact: Osama Fawzy, +20-1221033011,
CAIRO, October 10, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ — On October 9, 2011, a march by Coptic Christians in Cairo to demand an end to the ongoing persecution and discrimination ended with the death of up to 48 Coptic Christian protestors who were beaten, gunned down and bulldozed-over by army tanks in a rampage directed by Egyptian Army personnel, with the assistance of local Islamic extremists.
Hundreds more are believed to have been injured. Exact numbers are yet to be confirmed.
“I authorize the release of these photos to document what happened yesterday to Christians in Egypt; so the world will know,” — Osama Fawzy Georgy HENEIN; 00202 2520 31 74 office, 00202 2519 26 11 fax, 002 012210 33 0 11 cell,
Names of some of the Christians that where killed yesterday, October 9, 2011, in Cairo, Egypt:
1- Fady Rizk Ayoub
2- Shehata Thabet
3- Nassif Ragy Nassif
4- Michael Saad Guirguis
5- Michaeil Tawfik Guirguis
6- Ayman Saber Beshay
7- Ayman Fouad Amin
8- Wael Michaeil Khalil
9- Usama Fathy Aziz
10 – Mina Ibrahim Daniel
11- Saad Fahmy Ibrahim
12- Ayman Nassif Wahba
13- Sobhy Gamal Nazeem
14- Hany Foaud Attia
15- Peter
16- Romany Fekry Guirguis
35 Christians were killed on October 9, 2011. The names of the remaining victims will be released soon. Total injured, 274 Christians.

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