Transgender Kids Taking Medication to Block Hormones From Before Puberty Even Hits | Video |




Before reaching puberty, this 11-year-old California boy began taking hormone blockers to “buy her some time to mature”. Yes, her. Right now, Thomas Lobel, or Tammy, believes he is a girl.

Her parents say they have known since she was three years old. CNN has more:

The 3-year-old had learned sign language because he had apraxia, a speech impediment that hindered his ability to talk. The toddler pointed to himself and signed, “I am a girl.”

“Oh look, he’s confused,” his parents said. Maybe he mixed up the signs for boy and girl. So they signed back. “No, no. Thomas is a boy.”

But the toddler shook his head. “I am a girl,” he signed back emphatically.

Her parents, Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel, looked into hormone blockers when after at age 7 Tammy threatened to gender mutilate herself. When she’s “ready” she will decide if she wants to become a girl, in which case she’ll take female hormones. If she wants to become a man, she will just stop taking the blockers.

CNN continues with Dr. Kenneth Zucker of the Gender Identity Service in the Child, Youth, and Family Program and professor at the University of Toronto saying hormone blockers before 13 years is too early:

Zucker conducted a study following 109 boys who had gender identity disorder between the ages of 3 and 12. Researchers followed up at the mean age of 20 and found 12 percent of these boys continued to want to change genders.


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